Aidan Bennett-Jones: Touching the Ground While Shining Like a Star

By: Sarah Chagares Editor in Chief When the referee blows the whistle, either at the beginning of the game or the beginning of the second half of the game, Ramapo soccer fans undoubtedly notice that one of the home team’s players inconspicuously bends down to touch the 50-yard line. That team member is Aidan Bennett-Jones and that gesture is his traditional pre-game ritual. This ceremonial … Continue reading Aidan Bennett-Jones: Touching the Ground While Shining Like a Star

Trump vs. Biden: Policies Analysis

By: Renata Chusid News Editor In the 2020 Presidential Election race, we are constantly being reminded that our vote matters and that this year is the most pivotal voting year yet. President Donald Trump is going up against Former Vice President Joe Biden in the fight for who will be the next president of the U.S. for the next four years. While the presidential race … Continue reading Trump vs. Biden: Policies Analysis

The War on Mail-In-Voting: The Facts

By: Ella Connors Staff Writer A new controversy has been stirring up the 2020 election: the controversy of mail-in-voting. President Trump has made his opinion abundantly clear— that mail in ballots perpetuate a fraudulent election. So what is the truth? One important distinction that needs to be made is the difference between absentee ballots and mail-in-ballots. President Trump has praised the use of absentee ballots … Continue reading The War on Mail-In-Voting: The Facts

“Back in My Day”

By: Gabriella Goldberg Assistant Editor Ever since Mr. Smith made the announcement about school closing until what was supposed to be after spring break, the students at Ramapo’s lives were forever changed. In the final years of Generation Z’s life, they will be retelling their experience during this global pandemic. They’ll tell their children and grandchildren about their loved ones who suffered with the Coronavirus, … Continue reading “Back in My Day”