No Hate, No Fear

Hanukkah is supposed to be a time to celebrate the festival of lights and spread holiday cheer, but for some this once happy holiday turned into eight nights of fear and hatred. On Saturday, December 28th, a man with a knife barged into Rabbi Chaim L. Rottenberg’s home and stabbed him and four others while they were preparing to light the candles for Hanukkah. The … Continue reading No Hate, No Fear

Response to the Assassination of Qasem Soleimani

On Friday January 3rd, Iranian Military General Qasem Soleimani was assassinated at Baghdad airport by a US airstrike approved by President Donald Trump. In response to his death, The Pentagon stated, “Soleimani was actively developing plans to attack American diplomats and service members in Iraq and throughout the region,” and that the “strike was aimed at deterring future Iranian attack plans” (Business Insider). There have … Continue reading Response to the Assassination of Qasem Soleimani

New and Exciting Electives Offered

A program of elective courses offered at any high school should be considered just as important as the program of required courses that must be completed before a student is deemed eligible for graduation from that institution. Elective courses provide many benefits for students that help to support their development as well-rounded individuals and citizens. These types of classes cultivate the habits of life-long learning … Continue reading New and Exciting Electives Offered

Diversity: The Key to a New Frame of Mind

We are oblivious. We don’t always recognize certain hardships or triumphs because we aren’t exposed to them enough. One great way of exposing the youth to the reality of many people’s lives, and the adversity some people face, is by sharing stories with them that were written by somebody who is not a one sided white male. Here at Ramapo High School, the English department … Continue reading Diversity: The Key to a New Frame of Mind

The Cost of College

“I think it’s ridiculous that there are so many costs of applying to college, excluding the rising tuition rates. Everyone has a right to an education but these costs deter students from working class families from applying to college,” says Jen Kunz, a Ramapo junior, after registering for various College Board run tests. While prospective students and parents are primarily aware of the external costs … Continue reading The Cost of College