Meet The Online Editors of 2020

The 2019 – 2020 Online Editors ~ Olivia Yee and Kathryn Swatek Kathryn and I have never been apart of the school newspaper – until now. However, we were both in RGB (Raider Genius Bar) and was recommended by Mrs. Ferro for the job. With our “technological prowess” we were excited by the prospect of helping in another aspect of Ramapo. And although we took … Continue reading Meet The Online Editors of 2020

A Fresh Start

Throughout my entire high school career I was part of Rampage, our beloved school paper.  It was the perfect club for me, as it was relaxed, but meant business.  You could get your word out to the whole school, and you could write practically whatever you wanted.  Having loved this club so much, when the applications for editor positions came around obviously I jumped at the opportunity.  … Continue reading A Fresh Start

Welcome to Rampage’s Official Website!

As sophomore year came to a close last June, I began to feel the need to join more of Ramapo’s clubs and make a difference while I could. Though I was, and still am, an active member in the Ramapo community, I still was searching for a way to voice my personal opinions on a broad range of subjects. With this being said, joining Rampage … Continue reading Welcome to Rampage’s Official Website!