Senior Spotlight: Shannon Cicero

By: Jack Houston Sports Editor For the last four years, Ramapo has had the privilege of witnessing the majestics brought to the tennis court by senior Shannon Cicero. Playing for eight years, Shannon has learned to perfect her craft which has led her to becoming the 15th ranked player in New Jersey and the 358th best player in the entire country.  Her dedication to the … Continue reading Senior Spotlight: Shannon Cicero

Will Sports Finally Reopen?

By: Jack Houston Sports Editor For sports fans alike, it has seemingly felt like an eternity since we‘ve had the opportunity to turn on the TV, watch our favorite sport events, and for a small moment forget the troubles of the outside world. With several months passing by with no real signs of a countrywide reopening, nationwide anxiety has been steadily brewing. As such, to … Continue reading Will Sports Finally Reopen?

Aidan Bennett-Jones: Touching the Ground While Shining Like a Star

By: Sarah Chagares Editor in Chief When the referee blows the whistle, either at the beginning of the game or the beginning of the second half of the game, Ramapo soccer fans undoubtedly notice that one of the home team’s players inconspicuously bends down to touch the 50-yard line. That team member is Aidan Bennett-Jones and that gesture is his traditional pre-game ritual. This ceremonial … Continue reading Aidan Bennett-Jones: Touching the Ground While Shining Like a Star

Female Senior Spotlight – Eden Osiason

Eden Osiason has been known for her accomplishments in athletics throughout her time here at Ramapo. As a member of both the gymnastics and fencing teams, Eden has amassed eight varsity letters. Currently in her final season of Ramapo athletics, Eden has been vital to the team’s recent success. This year, Eden is the fencing team captain and the foil squad captain. Eden’s outstanding fencing … Continue reading Female Senior Spotlight – Eden Osiason

Male Senior Spotlight – Max Pernetti

Max Pernetti has been a wonder to watch on the basketball court throughout his career at Ramapo. Having played since 1st grade on a multitude of teams, Max has finetuned his abilities over the years. Max’s dedication to the game has clearly paid off as he has won numerous awards. During his sophomore year, Pernetti was named to the Honorable Mention All-Big North Freedom Team. … Continue reading Male Senior Spotlight – Max Pernetti