Surprising Outcomes of the Kentucky and Virginia Elections

The elections occurred on Tuesday, November 5th for Virginia and Kentucky. Here are the most important take aways from both states: Andy Beshear, Attorney General of Kentucky and a member of the Democratic party won the race. While Republican Governor Matt Bevin originally refused to concede defeat, as of Thursday, November 15th, he accepted the loss. Beshear is to be sworn in on December 10th. … Continue reading Surprising Outcomes of the Kentucky and Virginia Elections

Brexit Continues

Brexit, Britain’s departure from the European Union, was first announced in 2016. It caused instant chaos with then Prime Minister David Cameron leaving office and the value of the Euro dropping dramatically. The public had voted to leave but the government had no clear plan of action. After numerous deadline extensions, Britain was meant to present a finalized Brexit deal to the EU by mid-October, … Continue reading Brexit Continues

Deforestation Due to Dummies

The world as we know it is burning; and the Amazon rainforest shares that similar trait, but what most don’t know is that these fires were illegally and purposefully made by loggers and cattle ranchers who use the “slash and burn” method to clear land. This problem has been ongoing since the 60s, and environmentalists can conclude that 60% of global deforestation is due to … Continue reading Deforestation Due to Dummies

Unearthed Dangers of Vaping

On August 27th, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that they were investigating approximately 94 cases of illnesses related to vaping in 14 states (CDC). What started as a relatively small issue has turned into a full fledged conflict, affecting many individuals across the nation. As of September 26th, there have been 805 reported illnesses related to vaping from 46 states, and 12 lives … Continue reading Unearthed Dangers of Vaping

The Follosal Failure

“People are suffering, people are dying, entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction” (1:05 – 1:14 PBS Newshour). These are the words of 16 year old climate activist, Greta Thunberg, who has motivated over a million young people worldwide. Her first big public appearance was sailing across the Atlantic from Plymouth, Britain, to New York City to attend the … Continue reading The Follosal Failure