Johnson, Clinton…Trump?

On September 24, 2019, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced a formal impeachment inquiry into President Trump. This is a result of the Whistleblower complaint which dominated news outlets in the days leading up to the formal inquiry. A conversation between Donald Trump and the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, sparked a whistleblower to report President Trump to the Inspector General, alleging that he abused his … Continue reading Johnson, Clinton…Trump?

Continued Conflict in Israel

On May 6th, Israel was once again in the news for conflict with Gaza, a Palestinian, Hamas-controlled compound. That Saturday, a Gaza sniper had killed two Israeli soldiers and four Palestinians (NY Times). On the following Sunday, Hamas “launched 600 rockets into Israel”, resulting in Israel retaliating with airstrikes into Gaza (CNBC). Israel aimed their airstrike at over 200 militant targets in Gaza and known … Continue reading Continued Conflict in Israel

The Best and Worst of the 2019 Met Gala

On May 6th, the 21st annual Met Gala was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This year, fashion’s biggest night followed the theme of “Camp: Notes on Fashion”, taking inspiration from Susan Sontag’s acclaimed essay, Notes on Camp. The event, also known as the “Super Bowl of Fashion,” kicked off the Costume Institute’s Annual Fashion Exhibit. To fashion lovers, the first Monday of May … Continue reading The Best and Worst of the 2019 Met Gala

Flashback to 1973

Roe V. Wade was first passed on January 22nd 1973, marking a landmark in the Women’s Rights Movement which ensured a woman’s right to an abortion was her choice and her choice alone. Now in May of 2019, Alabama has passed the strictest law in the nation, banning abortion in all instances including rape and incest with a 25-to-6 vote. The only exception is when … Continue reading Flashback to 1973

Classroom Fight Ends Life for Young Girl

On March 25th, a fifth grader living in Walterboro, South Carolina named Rainya Wright, died due to a fight in her classroom. Not much information has been reported, due to the fact that the school and the town are keeping quiet for safety reasons. This all began last year when Raniya had begun complaining about her school bully. Rainya’s grandmother who regularly gets her and … Continue reading Classroom Fight Ends Life for Young Girl

High School Hackers

Earlier in April 2019, two freshmen at Secaucus High School in New Jersey were charged with jamming the school’s Wi-fi in order to to avoid taking their exams. The two boys, both 14 years-old were charged with computer criminal activity and conspiracy to commit computer criminal activity. This charge was only made after the school officials notified police a few days earlier. Because the boys … Continue reading High School Hackers