Gold Masque’s Peter/Wendy

On Saturday November 17th, Gold Masque presented their play, Peter/Wendy, a twist on the classic Peter Pan. Not only was Gold Masque able to put on another fulllength performance, but they also conquered a storm (literally) and still kept high spirits. As the audience walked into the auditorium, there were little notes that lined the entrance filled with seemingly everyday things that we take for … Continue reading Gold Masque’s Peter/Wendy

Student of the Month: Grace White

This month’s Senior Spotlight was awarded to Grace White. As a successful and involved student at Ramapo, Grace has touched the lives of many in our school community. In the words of Mrs. Dargento, one of our vice-principals, “Grace is a dedicated member of the Class of 2019, as an individual, she is driven in her commitments to serve others and effectively leads by example. … Continue reading Student of the Month: Grace White

New Staff at RHS: Special Services Department

Special Services Department By: Gretchen Buchmann and Patricia Redulla ’19, Staff Writers Ms. Heidenfelder Q: How many years have you been teaching for? Where did you teach before coming to Ramapo High School? A: This is my 6th year teaching. Prior to Ramapo, I taught Middle School Special Education and English for 1 year at Mt. Lebanon School District in Pittsburgh, PA. After that, I taught … Continue reading New Staff at RHS: Special Services Department

New Staff at RHS

Art Department By: Evan Katopodis, Staff Writer Mr. Lebrenz Q: How many years have you been teaching for? A: I’ve been teaching high school for five years. This is my 6th year teaching high school. Q: What college did you attend? A: I attended the University of North Carolina. I specialized my studies at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Q: What are … Continue reading New Staff at RHS


When we consider the concept of diversity, we intuitively focus on our physical characteristics. But it goes way deeper than that, encompassing our values, beliefs, geographical location, gender, sexuality, and so much more. It is the beauty of our distinctions that enrich our humanity. This year, the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Club established itself as an official organization within the Ramapo High School community. The … Continue reading Pride!