Ramapo Celebrates Mental Health Awareness Month

The first day of May marks the start of Mental Health Awareness Month. This month has been observed since 1949. According to Mental Health America, the aim of the month is to recognize people suffering from mental illness, educate the general public, and reduce stigma. Ramapo has several events marked on its calendar to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month, from an informative Mental Health Fair … Continue reading Ramapo Celebrates Mental Health Awareness Month

Sunscreen…Helpful or Harmful?

“Put your sunscreen on you’re gonna burn!!!” Have you ever heard that from your parents? Do you love that summer scent of sunscreen? Well, you might want to think twice about putting your sunblock on. Over the past few weeks, the FDA has been testing average drugstore sunscreen brands and revealing that the sunscreen is dangerous to our body. We are all extremely influenced by … Continue reading Sunscreen…Helpful or Harmful?

Students are the Future, not Guns

Students are the future. By waking up every morning, going to school, and educating ourselves, we are preparing to become tomorrow’s doctors, teachers, policemen/ women, and government officials. As seen through the prevalence of mass shootings in our nation today, there is a clear societal routine forming. There are people choosing to express their opinions and beliefs through violence. In our government, there is a … Continue reading Students are the Future, not Guns

April Senior Spotlight: Jessica Valente

Every month teachers nominate seniors who demonstrates kindness, leadership, integrity, and service to the community. This month, Jess Valente has won the Senior Spotlight for her involvement in the community and clubs at Ramapo. Jess’s most prominent involvement is in Gold Masque. For Jess, “Working in stage crew is one of the things in life I enjoy most which is why I spent so much … Continue reading April Senior Spotlight: Jessica Valente

Parkland Recognized by Pulitzer

Last year, after the tragic school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, the school editors of The Eagle Eye student newspaper dedicated an issue for the seventeen lost lives of classmates and faculty members, detailing each of their obituaries. What began as a personal written tribute for the purpose of honoring and mourning their peers and teachers transformed into a nationally … Continue reading Parkland Recognized by Pulitzer

April Club Feature: Gold Masque

Gold Masque is one of the oldest and most recognized clubs at Ramapo, yet many do not understand the extent of the work that goes into each production. If you’re a member of the Ramapo Community, chances are that you have probably heard the club mentioned on numerous occasions, and may have even attended many of their professional-grade productions. Many view the club as an … Continue reading April Club Feature: Gold Masque

School Schemes

The class of 2019 faced some record-breaking statistics this year. Everyone knows the difficulty of acceptance into schools of high prestige. However, the explosion of the college scandal that was brewing throughout the month of March did not assist anyone’s case. Federal prosecutors charged several celebrities in a scheme to get students into distinguished schools. The pressure rises for students to obtain admission into elite … Continue reading School Schemes