New Staff at RHS

Art Department By: Evan Katopodis, Staff Writer Mr. Lebrenz Q: How many years have you been teaching for? A: I’ve been teaching high school for five years. This is my 6th year teaching high school. Q: What college did you attend? A: I attended the University of North Carolina. I specialized my studies at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Q: What are … Continue reading New Staff at RHS


When we consider the concept of diversity, we intuitively focus on our physical characteristics. But it goes way deeper than that, encompassing our values, beliefs, geographical location, gender, sexuality, and so much more. It is the beauty of our distinctions that enrich our humanity. This year, the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Club established itself as an official organization within the Ramapo High School community. The … Continue reading Pride!

Meeting Ms. Calabrese: Ramapo’s Newest Student Assistance Counselor

Many are not informed about our school’s Student Assistance Counselor and the benefits she provides to the student body. This is Ms. Calabrese’s first year in Ramapo High School and, so far, she loves it; “The students have really great energy, I really have loved just meeting students. The staff has been very welcoming, supportive, and friendly.” Ms. Calabrese began working as Ramapo’s Student Assistance … Continue reading Meeting Ms. Calabrese: Ramapo’s Newest Student Assistance Counselor

Senior Spotlight of the Month: Jess Perini

Last week, senior Jessica Perini was officially named Ramapo High School’s “Student of the Month.” This is a significant accomplishment for Perini, who has been greatly contributing to the Ramapo High School Community over the past few years. Other than bragging rights, one benefit of this award is the ability to park in a Visitor’s Spot, located just across from the Main Entrance, for the … Continue reading Senior Spotlight of the Month: Jess Perini

Are Celebrities Becoming Too Political?

For the past decade, celebrities have either run for office or voiced their interest in wanting to join the political conversation. Many people view this is a disturbance and feel that the celebrities should just stick to performing whether it be acting, singing, or just being famous, (i.e. The Kardashians.) But others feel they should have a voice in politics and should state their opinion … Continue reading Are Celebrities Becoming Too Political?

Then and Now: a Ramapo Retrospective

Ramapo alumni from the class of 1960 travelled across the country to collectively celebrate their 75th birthdays together. Excitement and love filled the air as twenty-three adults scattered the front lawn of Ramapo High school, reminiscing about their time as students. Although spirits were high, members of the class also gathered to commemorate the death of a former classmate, Bruce Geata. In honor of Bruce … Continue reading Then and Now: a Ramapo Retrospective