Nostalgia on Screen: Greta Gerwhig Reimagines Little Women

Louisa May Alcott’s novel Little Women, the fictional story of the March family and their four daughters, has long been viewed as a quintessential coming of age story, so much so that it has been adapted for the screen seven times since 1917 (PBS). Most recently, acclaimed filmmaker Greta Gerwig has reimagined Little Women as a breathtakingly emotional film. Gerwig’s Little Women is notable for … Continue reading Nostalgia on Screen: Greta Gerwhig Reimagines Little Women

Riverdale: Fling or Flop?

Riverdale is a show based off of the Archie Comics. It follows the high school lives of the core four: Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones, Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge, and many other students. They do normal things, like cheerleading, football, writing, eating at Pop’s, the local Chock’lit Shoppe, singing, and dating. But Riverdale isn’t a normal town. Season 1 is a tale of murder, lust, mystery, … Continue reading Riverdale: Fling or Flop?

A Broadway Transformation – What’s New on Stage?

Many Ramapo students love to visit NYC’s Broadway Theater District in their free time – whether it be to finally see that musical they’ve been longing to see, celebrate a birthday, or just to have a fun day in the city. Recently, though, Broadway has seen some changes to their show lineup. One of the more recent changes in the lineup was the introduction of … Continue reading A Broadway Transformation – What’s New on Stage?

The Possible Dangers of Joker

With the release of Todd Phillips’ highly anticipated Joker this month, critics and the fan community have been musing over what is being discussed as the dangers of the film and the titular character’s portrayal, whether they’ve seen the movie or not. The $55 million film about the rise of Batman’s arch nemesis, has forced Landmark Theatres, the country’s largest independent cinema chain, to place … Continue reading The Possible Dangers of Joker