The Risks of TikTok

By: Laura Manis Entertainment Editor and Audry Roughgarden Staff Writer TikTok is an extremely popular app where people of all ages can stream entertaining videos under one minute one after the other. Seems harmless, right? Wrong. With anyone in the world being able to have a platform and post whatever they please can lead to some problematic posts. Videos with a large amount of engagement … Continue reading The Risks of TikTok

The Lights Go Out in the Theater

By: Holly Shulman Staff Writer It’s always been said that “the show must go on,” but in Broadway’s case, that show has been postponed. Since the start of the pandemic, Broadway shows have been canceled through May 21, 2021 as of November 3 (Broadway News). This has been a shock and disappointment to many lovers of the stage and those whose jobs depend on it. … Continue reading The Lights Go Out in the Theater

Why ‘Among Us’ Is Worth the Hype

By Constantine Rutigliano During this pandemic, people had to separate from others for months. There was not a lot of social interaction that was available because of the quarantine. InnerSloth, a lesser known game brand, released the game, Among Us in 2018. However,it was not very popular. This game has become the fascination of people of all ages. That game is Among Us. Among Us … Continue reading Why ‘Among Us’ Is Worth the Hype