What Matters Most to You in This Upcoming Election?

 By: Sarah Chagares

Editor in Chief

            While the country is in the midst of battling the novel coronavirus, we are also in the midst of an election season, with the 59th United State presidential election slated to take place on Tuesday, November 3.  Rampage canvassed the Ramapo community members in an effort to identify the issues that they deem to be the most important to them in the run up to this important election. Schoology was used to elicit anonymous responses from administrators, staff, and students. 

            42.5% of respondents chose civil rights and justice as the issue that matters the most to them in the 2020 election. The environment was chosen by 14% of the participants, while 9% of respondents cited healthcare and another 9% indicated that the economy was most important to them. Further, 4% of the participants felt that security and safety outranked the others in terms of importance, while 2% put immigration as their number one concern.

            A small number of respondents felt that some of the issues were of equal importance and found it difficult to rank any one of them as being more important than another. One respondent identified “basic human rights” as the number one issue in this upcoming election. 

            Rampage’s survey demonstrates that many people disagree on what the most important issue is that our country faces. One thing is certain, there are many issues that need to be addressed by our President as the country moves forward.

A pie chart analysis of respondents’ answers to a poll surveyed about the importance of election topics

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