What Gives You the Most Stress About COVID-19?

By: Sarah Chagares

Editor in Chief

            On January 30, 2020, the director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak of COVID-19 to be a public health emergency—the highest level of alarm under international law. The past nine months have been challenging for the entire world. Indeed, our hometowns and school district have not escaped the worries, concerns, and stresses brought on by this global health crisis. In an effort to ascertain specific aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic that have most contributed to feelings of anxiety felt by our Ramapo community members, Rampage conducted a school-wide survey by means of Schoology.

            33.3% of the respondents indicated that “getting others sick” is their number one cause of stress. 21.1% of respondents cited “not being able to socialize” as the issue causing them the most stress. 14% of those surveyed felt that “missing extracurricular activities in person” was their number one stressor while another 14% chose “fear of getting sick”.  Moreover, 8% of our community members chose “fear of going back to in-person school” as the biggest issue causing them stress. 

            Not seeing an appropriate option, some respondents chose to “write in” their own answers. One Ramapo member shared that the fear of  low-income families being unable to afford treatment if they were to get sick from COVID-19 as the issue causing them the greatest amount of stress. Another respondent wrote in about their fear of their own family getting sick.

            Clearly, no one in the Ramapo community is immune to the effects, both mental and physical, that COVID-19 has unleashed onto the world. Stress comes from all different sources and in all different forms. Supporting each other and getting help is the best way to manage the stress of these challenging times.

A pie chart analysis of respondents’ answers to a poll about the most significant COVID-19 stresses

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