Freshmen Perspective from the Class of ‘24

By: Grace Lim

Life Editor

            The freshmen class have embarked on their high school journey with excited feelings and nervous anticipation this school year. However, the unprecedented climate of the world and the continuing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have made their initial high school experiences unique, challenging, and unforgettable to say the least. How do some students from the class of ‘24 feel about their experience at Ramapo so far?

            Despite the difficulty of the school curriculum when compared to middle school, Leo Fornasieri states, “I think that Ramapo is a great learning environment and the teachers are fantastic.” Another student agrees, stating she loves the school and believes that “everyone is so kind and it seems like they are very happy to be here.” 

            While Leo admits that starting his first day of high school from his home was not what he expected, he is still finding ways to participate in his interests at Ramapo despite the unconventional school schedule by joining Gold Masque, Interact Club, and symphonic band. School sports have still managed to resume, with the necessary precautions and safety measures, which many freshmen are grateful for and excited about. Along with club activities and sports, other Ramapo happenings have needed to adjust to the changes made due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

            Learning at home or following a hybrid schedule has not been easy for any of us, but it has been especially difficult for freshmen who expected to be greeted with the crowded halls, loud Friday night sporting events, and new faces at Ramapo. Many students agree that the workload is challenging and sometimes overwhelming since attending school online, but Leo still feels there are many events to look forward to, including the school play—even if there’s a possibility that it might be virtual this year. 

Two freshman players helping out at the football game (Photo Courtesy of Sophia Katsouris).

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