Why ‘Among Us’ Is Worth the Hype

By Constantine Rutigliano

During this pandemic, people had to separate from others for months. There was not a lot of social interaction that was available because of the quarantine. InnerSloth, a lesser known game brand, released the game, Among Us in 2018. However,it was not very popular. This game has become the fascination of people of all ages. That game is Among Us. Among Us is a cartoon murder mystery game.

 The Countdown: Mic dropped, 50 Cent and the Twitch Among Us vote - BBC News

This game includes people taking on the roles of different colored characters aboard a spaceship. Out of the 10 or less participants, someone is chosen to be the ” imposter”. The game is very reminiscent of the horror movie of the same title. The players do not know who among them is the killer. The goal of the innocent crewmates is to complete a series of tasks given to them all around the ship. The Imposter on the other hand is responsible for killing off all of the other players. If done well, the Imposter convinces everyone that they are one of the innocents. If the Imposter goes the entire game without being voted out, then they win. Among Us: AOC 'kills' Pokimane and 'simps' over Corpse's voice in memorable  Twitch debut

Pop culture has embraced this new game with open arms. Groups of people from our school are choosing for Halloween to be among us characters. The saying that so and so is “Sus” has become a regular thing in social media. Famous game streamers have even started playing the game. On the popular streaming service Twitch, gamers such as Pokimane, Corpse, TFue, and even Politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have been getting thousands of viewers because of their partaking in Among Us. 

But not only famous people are playing this. The Ramapo community is enjoying Among Us immensely. During the hour and a half break later in the day, you can spot many people posting on their Snapchat stories codes for Among Us servers. New friendships are being made over a silly cartoon game. TikTok, another popular social media base is being flooded with videos about Among Us. Funny edits of celebrities playing and games as imposter flood the “For You” pages of teenagers. 

While it is true that there are settings which allow you to see curse words that people would say in the in-game chat, the game is relatively PG-13. We are all excited to see what the game developers have in store for their next update.For now, we are enjoying the Halloween Easter eggs added to the game. No matter what color is your main, we hope you have a lot of fun playing Among Us.

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