The End of an Era for Movies?

By: Laura Manis

Entertainment Editor

When was the last time you saw a movie? Let me rephrase, when was the last time you REALLY saw a movie? Did you see it on a big screen, with surround sound; and were you fully being able to immerse yourself in the story and characters? I am not referring to watching a movie in your living room while you are sitting on your couch, with multiple distractions. Movies are meant to be experienced in the theater, but with the risks of the pandemic, will this ever be a possibility again?

The pandemic ensured that life will never quite be the same as it was before. This global disaster created a terrible impact on the beloved movie theater. Regal and Cineworld cinemas are shutting down in the U.S. and U.K. Many movie theaters around the globe are bankrupt, vacant, faded, and/or for sale. Not only did Americans lose a cherished and popular form of entertainment, but many lost their jobs and businesses. Some Americans are permanently out of work, or unemployed until the pandemic improves. 

Many movie release dates have been postponed or have gone straight to streaming due to the closures. Such as live action “Mulan,” “Wonder Woman 1984,” and “Black Widow.” Watching a movie on the television is not the same as experiencing it in the theaters. Gradually, movie theaters that have not been bankrupt are beginning to open. However, will it ever be the same?

Stats of the opening of Brick & Mortar Cinemas Throughout the United States

Below is the capacity and regulations of theaters of the 48 States that chose to reopen since October 16th. 

(Courtesy of National Association of Theatre Owners, Local Sources)

Movie Theaters Plead With Cuomo to Reopen New York Cinemas - Variety

Pictured above: A closed movie theaters marquee, stating that it is shut down due to COVID (Photo Courtesy of

Movie Theaters Coronavirus

Pictured Above: A closed movie theater marquee amidst the COVID pandemic (Photo Courtesy of 

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