Male Senior Spotlight – Max Pernetti

Max Pernetti has been a wonder to watch on the basketball court throughout his career at Ramapo. Having played since 1st grade on a multitude of teams, Max has finetuned his abilities over the years.

Max’s dedication to the game has clearly paid off as he has won numerous awards. During his sophomore year, Pernetti was named to the Honorable Mention All-Big North Freedom Team. In his junior year, he was named to the All Big North Freedom 2nd Team and was an Honorable Mention All-Bergen County Tournament Team. And this year, Max has been named to the Jingle Bells Jubilee All-Tournament Team.

It is clear that Max has a love for the sport and the team he plays on. When asked what he loves most about playing on the Ramapo team, he said, “My favorite part about playing on the team is being able to play high school basketball at such a high level and compete against great competition night in and night out while having fun with my teammates.” Max’s dedication to pushing his teammates and his mentality to leave everything on the court has obviously aided the basketball team this season. While putting up exceptional stats of 16 points per game and 10 rebounds per game, he has led the team to a positive record of 8-3.

Max’s success on the court throughout his career has been recognized nation- wide. After this year, Max has decided to take his talents to Gettysburg College and play for Bullets.

All and all, Max attributes his success to his family, friends, teammates, and coaches. Max said, “They always push me to do my best.” Leaving for college next year, Max explained that he’ll miss the Ramapo community. He wrote, “Everyone has always been so supportive of me and the team. That’s something that has always pushed me to do my best.”

Ramapo High School will surely never forget the excitement Max Pernetti has brought to the basketball team. We will miss you on the court, and wish you good luck next year, Max!

Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 9.31.45 PM.png

Max Pernetti has recently committed to Gettysburg College to continue his basketball career

Photo Credit: NJ Beasts’s Instagram

Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 9.31.50 PM.png

Max Pernetti taking a free throw at the 2019 New Jersey Tournament of Champions Final at Rutgers University

Photo Credit: Corinna Collins


Jack Houston
Staff Writer

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