“This is the way.”

With the launch of the Disney+ streaming service came the Star Wars spinoff, The Mandalorian. It was highly anticipated by Star Wars fans, and the reviews show people are enjoying the show. On Rotten Tomatoes, the show has a 93% audience score. It also earned a 95% on the “tomatometer.” The show itself takes place in a period of time that many people had questions about. It takes place after Return of the Jedi and the fall of the Republic, but long before The Force Awakens and the rise of the First Order, the new threat to the Light Side. There seems to be a brief time of peace when people have forgotten about the clashing of Dark and Light. The main character, known as “Mando,” is part of a guild of bounty hunters called the Mandalorians. Mando makes allies along the way, including viewers’ favorite, “The Child,” or as we call him, the adorable Baby
Yoda. He is a force sensitive child of the same species as the wise and powerful Jedi master Yoda. He has become the main attraction of the show, and many have made speculations as to why he is in the story and what background is. One of these theories is that Baby Yoda is the last of his kind. If this is true, it will lead to an interesting season two of the show. Unfortunately, the show debuted its season finale on December 27th, and viewers will have to wait until fall of 2020 for the next season.

Many people in Ramapo are enjoying the show. They all say that the show has definitely sold them on the Star Wars franchise, and they are excited for the new season. One such student, a freshman in our school named Colin said, “I believe the show has saved Lucasfilm.” You don’t need to have any Star Wars knowledge in order to enjoy the show because it is action packed whether or not one has seen the movies. It stands on its own. I personally recommend watching the series if you like high-action and captivating shows. To quote the character Kuiil from the show, “I have spoken.”

Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 2.08.50 PM.png

The Mandalorian offical poster

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm


Constantine Rutigliano
Staff Writer

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