The Ultimate Guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Few dates on the calendar instill more terror or excitement in both shoppers and retailers than Black Friday. For those who choose to brave the crowds and chaos, here are a few tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping:

1. Make a list of the items you want to buy, as well as the stores you want to buy from, in a priority-based order. This will keep you organized and on task.

2. Bring gift cards with you. This will reduce the cost of the items even more!

3. If you are Black Friday shopping, go early when most items are in stock. Going earlier will increase your chances of snagging the items you want to buy. Some stores are even open on Thanksgiving Day!Screen Shot 2019-11-26 at 6.58.43 PM

The Chaotic Crowds During Black Friday Photo Credit:

4. If you are Cyber Monday shopping online, have your computer charged and have each store you want to buy from open on a separate tab in advance, so that you are ready to shop when the sales begin. This will increase the likelihood of getting the items you want at the advertised prices, before they run out of stock.

5. If you are Black Friday shopping, use a shopping bag instead of a cart. This will also make navigating the crowds much easier.

6. Plan for future holidays and events where gifts will be necessary. If you have a family event or another holiday in the future, buying gifts for them will save you time and money later on.

7. Lastly, have fun!

Mrs. Migliacci, financial literacy and marketing teacher, shared her business expertise on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. She says that a business usually stands out from other business, during a time with such high demand, by advertising and holding sales before Black Friday. Ms. Migliacci also shared that “most stores offer large discounts to attract people to their stores over the others” in order to be noticed more than competing businesses, despite the high demand in which they would make more profit without the discount. All in all, Ms. Migliacci would advise shoppers to plan and “do your research beforehand” as sales closer to the holidays may trump the sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Happy shopping!

By Gabriella Goldberg Staff Writer

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