Should Ramapo Switch Back to Midterms and Finals Instead of Quarterlies?

As the leaves start changing color and the weather gets colder, many high school seniors are starting the months-long process of applying to colleges. For juniors, many may already be looking into schools and feeling the stress that comes with college planning. Test scores, GPA, and extracurricular activities during high school all determine a student’s acceptance when they apply to college. However, how much of highschool, specifically quarterly assessments, is truly conducive to preparing a student for college?

Screen Shot 2019-11-26 at 6.55.13 PM

Emily and Catherine Tsairis from the Class of ‘21 working hard in the library. Photo Credit: Sophia Katsouris

          Questions concerning the two semester or quarterly system in high schools has been highly debated for years. Some argue that midterms and finals should be implemented in high schools since it parallels testing in most colleges while others proclaim that quarterlies make it easier on students’ workload.

Anthony (Tony) Xavier, a senior, states, “I definitely think that Ramapo should give midterms and finals because it prepares you for college.” And others agree: junior Erin D’Alessandro says “Quarterlies are not teaching us anything, especially since, in some classes, two of our quarterlies are projects and not an assessment. Having midterms and finals also gives more time before the test so I feel like lessons would be less rushed.”

Most consensus about implementing midterms and finals seem to revolve around being more suited for college. Moreover, Mr. Russell, who teaches AP Physics I, AP Physics II-C, and UP Digital Electronics, states, “For juniors and seniors particularly, I don’t think we are preparing our kids for college as well as we should be in terms of emulating college exams since we don’t use midterms and finals.” When asked Emily and Catherine Tsairis from the Class of ‘21 working hard in the library. Photo Credit: Sophia Katsouris if there was enough time to grade quarterly assessments, Mr. Russell also added, “I feel that the quantity of grading and time given is not in proportion.” However, some students disagree. According to junior Faith Hamilton, “I actually like quarterlies better because it makes school less stressful since there is less content being tested on.”

The dispute between midterms and finals over quarterlies continues, but with so much public accord, should Ramapo actually switch to midterms and finals?

By Grace Lim Staff Writer

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