The Offseason for the Ages

In the eyes of numerous NBA fans, this past offseason has been one of the, if not the greatest offseason in the history of the league. Fans around the country have witnessed numerous monumental changes to their favorite team, whether it be for the better or for the worse. While it is impossible to mention all of the differences within the NBA, I will only mention a select few of the biggest signings.

I wrote about the New York Knicks organization in my previous article and their unfortunate luck over the recent seasons. However, also in that article, I touched on the subject of how the Knicks were a possible destination for superstars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. However, the still unlucky Knicks fans were disappointed when these two stars signed with fellow New York Organization, the Brooklyn Nets. With the Golden State Warriors’ general manager, Bob Myers, not wanting to lose one of the best players on his team in Durant, the two organizations orchestrated a sign-and-trade in which Du- rant left for the Nets and fellow all-star D’Angelo Russell was sent to the Warriors (NBC Sports).

Even though Durant is speculated to miss the entirety of next season with an Achilles injury, Irving has a good surrounding of rising young talent with previous playoff experience. However, recent NBA fan speculations about Irving not being a good enough leader and the possibility of Durant returning sooner than later has the Nets at an awkward position next year. And of course, the Warriors losing arguably their best player in exchange for a young talent was definitely not their hopes for the season. Not only that, but not having the bench depth of previous years puts them in a questionable situation concerning their future conference standing.

Similar to the Nets, both Los Angeles teams had ideas of teaming together two superstars. In the Lakers’ case, they decided to team all-time great LeBron James with fellow superstar, Anthony Davis. It was clear throughout last season that Anthony Davis was unhappy with the New Orlean Pelicans’ management, and through demanding a trade, got sent to the Lakers. In simple terms, this trade essentially sent the Lakers’ previous young core of Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, and Josh Hart along with multiple unprotected first-round picks for the Pelicans’ past superstar (NBC Sports). As of right now, the Lakers are currently second in bettings to win it all (The Lines).

The first in these bettings, however, is the “little brother” of the Lakers, the Clippers. Over the offseason, the Clippers were able to ac- quire both reigning Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard and previous regular season MVP candidate Paul George. As of right now, this is the team NBA fans are waiting to see. With their lockdown defensive core in Patrick Beverly, Leonard, and George, and their endless depth, including reigning 6th man of the year, Lou Williams, it is clear why this team is the favorite to win it all.

While there were numerous other changes in the NBA, such as Russel Westbrook’s move the the Houston Rockets, Kristap Porzingis’ move to the Dallas Mavericks, and many others. The ones I mentioned are speculated to be the most impactful in the next season and beyond. Clearly, NBA fans of Ramapo are happy. Lakers fan Tommy Styles says, “I’m excited to watch how the new team performs and where they end up in the rankings. I also believe that LeBron will have an MVP season with his new squad and will end up winning the finals.” Whether happy with your team’s moves or not, it is clear that this was the offseason for the ages.

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 8.23.07 PM.png

New Los Angeles Clippers’ players Kawhi Leonard (left)
and Paul George (right) Photo credit: CBS Sports


By Jack Houston
Staff Writer

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