Meet The Online Editors of 2020

The 2019 – 2020 Online Editors ~ Olivia Yee and Kathryn Swatek

Kathryn and I have never been apart of the school newspaper – until now. However, we were both in RGB (Raider Genius Bar) and was recommended by Mrs. Ferro for the job. With our “technological prowess” we were excited by the prospect of helping in another aspect of Ramapo. And although we took this daunting task with little to no warning, I’ve enjoyed doing every article so far.

Personally, I’ve always been into art and design, as well as music. I’ve only been in Marching Band, and attended Art Club regularly as Vice President. With that being said, deciding to be apart of Rampage and becoming the Online Editor certainly has been a big change. However, I’ve liked this change of pace so far and hope everyone who reads this enjoys the layout and the amazing work every Staff Writer and Editor has put into bringing Ramapo the best articles and news it can! But personal stories aside, I, Olivia Yee, present to you Rampage Online 2020!


Olivia Yee

Online Editor

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