Male Senior Spotlight: Liam Nelson

Liam Nelson has been tearing through defenders in his final year on Ramapo Soccer. A Varsity player since freshman year, Liam has excelled as a center midfielder, having a positive influence on everyone around him. He has been playing soccer since “Kinder Kickers” at age 5 and went on to play for the Torpedoes Soccer Club soon after. He has also played for notable travel teams such as Stallions and World Class. All of this work has led to an impressive Ramapo career, including 1st team all-league, 3rd team all-county, and all-state honorable mention in the 2018 season. Next year Liam will be going off to college and will possibly continue his soccer career wherever he goes.

Throughout his astounding Ramapo career, Nelson has accomplished more than just
becoming an amazing soccer player. He has earned the respect and friendship of all of his teammates. When asked to comment, Alex Gifford, Ramapo Soccer player, and friend of Liam’s said, “Liam is a great player but also helps lead the team, along with the rest of the seniors, on and off the field”. Liam has never officially been named captain (the team does not have one) but he is one of, if not the most influential player on the field. Fans at the game can always hear his voice and see how much he cares about the team and the game.

This season, Nelson has helped lead the Ramapo boys soccer team to a 6-3 record, and a bright future ahead. Off the field, Liam’s character shows no hint of change. He is a Student Ambassador here at Ramapo, helping new students adjust to life as a high schooler. Nelson expressed his determination to make an impact on those around him saying “I believe in working hard and giving maximum effort all the time.”

Liam’s career as a Ramapo Soccer player is nearing its end but he is only focused on the team and playing the game the right way. Sharing how close he has become to his teammates, he said, “Being on this team is like having another family. We’re all so close and we work hard every day together so it’s a great atmosphere. […] I hope that our team can be as successful as possible.” Nelson has been a great player and an even better teammate. Ramapo will be upset seeing him go but wishes him luck and success as he moves onto college!

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 8.29.13 PM.png

Liam Nelson, #11, in game this fall
Photo credit: Corinna Collins


By Gavin Foley
Sports Editor

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