Female Senior Spotlight: Mary Clare Langan

Mary Clare Langan has been known for her accomplishments in athletics throughout her time here at Ramapo. Currently, in her final season of Ramapo girls soccer, Langan has excelled as an individual and has been vital to the team’s success in recent years. Mary Clare, along with several other Ramapo senior players, began playing club soccer together at the age of seven, and her dedication to the sport has grown ever since. She has played on Wyckoff Rec, school teams, and club teams, such as Torpedoes, Crush, and PSA. She was even selected as an Allstate All American player (MaxPreps). Next year, Mary Clare will continue her career in soccer as a part of Villanova’s women’s soccer team.

Throughout her time at Ramapo, Langan has always enjoyed playing on a team with her friends, and she brings a playful competitive spirit to everything she does. When asked to comment, teammate and friend Erica Madley said, “Mary Clare always has the best attitude. Whenever we’re down during a game, she al- ways helps us to get our confidence back. She’s a great leader”. Langan’s positive attitude is obvious whenever she’s on the field. Audiences can typically hear Mary Clare encouraging her teammates throughout every game.

This season Mary Clare is showcasing her leadership as a team captain, helping RGS to eight victories in the season thus far. Langan is also a senior ambassador here at Ramapo, setting an example for incoming students. Next year, Langan is looking forward to playing soccer at Villanova University. Throughout her commitment process, Langan has displayed her hard work, dedication, and determination; the characteristics associated with a truly great athlete and student. When asked to speak about her daughter, Mrs. Langan said, “Mary Clare is a hard worker. She always has been. She loves being on the team at Ramapo, having fun with her teammates, and being successful together.”

Nearing the end of her time in high school athletics, Langan expresses that she is grateful for the opportunities and experiences that have been provided through soccer. She said, “Making the varsity team freshman year helped me become a leader and a captain now. I’ll miss how much time the team spends together, and I’ll miss playing with my teammates that I’ve played with since we were seven years old.” Ramapo will miss seeing you on the field and wish you luck at Villanova and beyond!

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 8.34.27 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-10-24 at 8.34.20 PM.png

Mary Clare Langan, #11, on the field in 2018 victory
over Northern Highlands. Photo credit: Corinna Collins


By Corinna Collins
Staff Writer

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