Smoothing Over the Morning Traffic

There is nothing more crowded than the upper lot at 7:30 AM. Buses are stopped to let out students, seniors and teachers are trying to park, and students are struggling to gather all of their belongings and get out of the car as quickly as possible. The traffic has always been bad but some students speculate that this year it is worse. Molly Arts, a
senior, says, “I was surprised by the traffic as a freshman, but now that I have a parking
spot in upper, I am very aware of increase in congestion.” Administrators have also noticed an increase in congestion. Mrs. Dargento said, “I do believe we have more people driving to Ramapo and it is much more congested between 7:00 and 7:25 AM.”

During September and early October, there were two major paving projects. First, the lower lot was closed for three days to be paved. Then, in early October, parts of Ewing Avenue were blocked for several days so that the street could be repaved. Some faculty and students worried that the traffic would be worse because of the closures. Before the project on Ewing Ave, Sophia Katsouris, a junior, said, “I’m worried that the traffic will become worse because Ewing is a very main street. The paving won’t just affect Ramapo students, it could also disrupt traffic in Franklin Lakes and Wyckoff.” Despite concerns, the paving projects went relatively smoothly. Mrs. Dargento said, “The rerouting and paving was an absolute concern, but it appears that we have worked through it successfully!”

Students may be wondering: Is there any way to avoid the traffic? One recommendation is carpooling or taking the bus because it will lessen the number of vehicles. Additionally, asking parents to pick up students after the buses leave at 2:50 would decrease congestion. Although these are not radical solutions, every effort can lead to a smoother morning.

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 6.46.59 PM.png

A typical weekday morning, around 7:15 AM, driving to-
wards the upper parking lot.

Photo Credit: Sophia Katsouris


By Natalie Fortunato
Staff Writer

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