Riverdale: Fling or Flop?

Riverdale is a show based off of the Archie Comics. It follows the high school lives of the core four: Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones, Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge, and many other students. They do normal things, like cheerleading, football, writing, eating at Pop’s, the local Chock’lit Shoppe, singing, and dating. But Riverdale isn’t a normal town.

Season 1 is a tale of murder, lust, mystery, conspiracy, friendship, and drama. It is the first day of the sophomore year for Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica, Kevin Keller, Josie McCoy and several others. Kevin is the gay best friend of Betty, and Josie is the daughter of Mayor Sierra McCoy and singer Myles McCoy. Later that night, Kevin and Moose Mason, a closeted football player, go to Sweetwater River for a hookup and find Jason Blossom’s previously missing corpse washed up on the shore. He drowned six months before the start of the school year. Jason’s autopsy reveals signs of ligature marks (tight pulling to cut off blood), and that he’d been frozen. But the most important thing revealed was that he was shot through the head. But, didn’t he drown? How was he shot? And more importantly, who shot him? There are so many questions that follow the release of the autopsy. That’s what the core four set out to discover.

Season 2 of Riverdale is a story of betrayal, blackmail, murder, romance, and loss. This season is even more confusing, and the body count has been increased. After one mystery is solved, another pops right up in its place. Not only are three people brutally killed, but one of our beloved characters turns out to be a rotten apple. In addition, Cheryl Blossom, Jason’s sister must admit who she is to the world.

Season 3 is a story of deception, love, hate, innocence, guilt, death and life, and downright magic. This season is the most confusing season because there are multiple forces acting against our core four. Archie is charged with the murder of a boy who threatens the gang on a retreat to the ski lodge, and is placed in the Leopold and Loeb Juvenile Detention Center. Betty gets a seizure after seeing something seemingly impossible. Veronica starts “The Innocence Project”, an organization that seeks to help wrongfully committed teens get out of prison. Jughead becomes the Serpent King and has trouble ruling over all of his people.

Season 4 has yet to premiere, but many fans are looking forward to being reunited with their favorite highschoolers. Are you ready? It is time to journey back into the sleepy town of Riverdale.

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 7.27.51 PM.png

Riverdale seasons 1 through 4
Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Television


By Constantine Rutigliano
Staff Writer

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