Freshmen Perspective from the Class of ‘23

The freshmen class have started their high school journey, navigating foreign halls, meeting new people, and adjusting to new responsibilities. The change from middle school to high school can often be scary, but it could also be a chance to reinvent or challenge yourself. So, how does the Class of ‘23 feel about Ramapo?

According to Eleni Xanthos, “It’s different from middle school. The school is bigger and harder to get around.”

While Ramapo’s size may be something to get used to, Bryan Fortunato likes that the bigger school is a change: “The first day was difficult to get around the halls, but the freedom Ramapo gives you is a lot more than middle school. I definitely like Ramapo better because I feel like I am treated like an adult. ”

Bryan adds that he likes how some of his classes are with upperclassmen. He states, “You don’t really get to have people from different grades in your classes, so it’s a new experience, and you can meet other people outside of your grade.”

The ability to choose classes is a new independence unlike before: “I like taking Fashion, and you can choose other electives you like,” according to Eleni.

Both Bryan and Eleni have also started to get involved in Ramapo’s activities and clubs. Bryan has joined Gold Masque and Academic Decathlon while Eleni is in Photography Club and looks forward to joining the girls’ golf team in the spring.

One thing to change about Ramapo? “The lunch lines are really long,” says Ele-
ni. And while Bryan says that the initial adjustment was hard, he is “looking forward to the next four years at Ramapo.”

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 6.42.20 PM.png

(from left) Freshmen Erin Poppe, Julia Cortorillo, Ella Fried, Natalie Raff and Clara Bennett-Jones pose for a picture during lunch. Photo Credit: Sophia Katsouris

By Grace Lim
Staff Writer

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