Male Senior Spotlight: Ben Bailey

For the past four years, the Ramapo high school has been blessed with the amazing play of current school varsity tennis team captain, Ben “Sergeant” Bailey. When Ben first came to our high school, Ramapo coaches fell in love with his play and immediately put him on the varsity squad his freshman year. Ever since then, Ben became the leader that the Ramapo tennis team needed and was on the varsity team his whole high school career, in which he was captain for his last two years.

Before coming to high school, Ben started the sport later than usual at the age of 12. However, through determination and sheer talent, Ben moved his game to the next level and became the dominant tennis player that Ramapo knows and loves. Ben discovered and began developing his skills through his time competing in USTA tournaments. When asked how he would describe his playstyle, he says “My play style is aggressive and strong. I tend to go for big shots and end points early. I always keep a positive attitude on the court, and remain humble against whoever I play.”

Ben made a name for himself throughout his four-year tenure on the varsity team, finishing with 44 overall match wins, ranking him as an all-time Ramapo great. Ben was also selected for “Honorable Mention Player of the Season” three times and led this year’s team to a positive 14-6 record, an improvement from last year’s 10-9 record.

When asked who he credits for his tennis success, Ben immediately mentions and thanks his coaches and parents. He says, “I owe my success to my parents for paying for my lessons, and my coaches for teaching me everything I know and pushing me to be the best.”

Throughout his entire career, he also notes his favorite experience was when he was “leading [his] team and being a positive role model for everyone.” Overall, Captain Ben Bailey is extremely satisfied with this year’s tennis team, stating that “This is one of the best teams we’ve had in awhile.”

After being accepted into Tulane University, Ben is planning on continuing his dominant tennis career in the college club program.

Ben was a role model for everyone on the tennis team, and as a player myself, it is safe to say that everyone will miss Sergeant Bailey

By: Jack Houston Staff Writer

Featured Image: Varsity Ramapo tennis captain, Ben Bailey, practicing before a match (Photo Courtesy of Yearbook Club)

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