Letter from the Editor: Saying Goodbye

Graduation is right around the corner, and I am saying goodbye to my position as Editor-in-Chief with gratitude. I am profoundly grateful for this incredible experience writing for the newspaper. It has been an incredible, final year to lead such an amazing team of contributive and talented young journalists with the help of my advisor, Mrs. Manzo.

During my freshman year, I found myself absorbed in finding a platform where I could express my personal opinions and spark discussion among other students. Entering the club as a staff writer, I worked my way up to this role. I believe that the motive behind having a big voice is to create awareness among others by seizing upon timely events and bringing them to attention. I think many of the Rampage writers would agree. This lengthy and collaborative process could not be possible on my own, and I want to give credit to everyone involved in the making. Each month, the paper involves promoting, encouraging, editing, and organizing ideas, which then follows all the way through to print. I want to thank my Creative Director, Nina Scire (who has worked closely by my side and was responsible for layout and design), along with all of our section editors, staff writers, and patrons for their dedication and efforts towards Rampage. Writing for the high school newspaper has had a heavy influence over my college decision and future plans, as any genuine interest should. Next year, I will attend Villanova University in Pennsylvania and plan on studying Communications. I also want to continue to fulfill my intense fascination with journalism because, besides for some obstacles, writing for Rampage has been a wonderful experience. I have the hope that Villanova’s newspaper, The Villanovan, will open a new door for me and give me the freedom to express my thoughts in an honest way.

Thank you Rampage, I am more than excited to continue this fulfilling journey!

By: Caroline Kinkella, Editor-in-Chief 2019

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