June Senior Spotlight: Natalie Kologrivov

Attending Ramapo High School has become a family tradition for this month’s Senior Spotlight recipient. Four of Natalie Kologrivov’s siblings have already graduated from the school and her two younger siblings are currently sophomores. Although being a “Raider” is something all of the Kologrivovs have in common, each one of them has made, or continues to make, a unique contribution to Ramapo’s culture. Natalie is no exception.

This Senior Spotlight winner has certainly left her own distinctive mark on Ramapo in all areas of our school community. She has excelled in her class work and has led the student body as a member of both the Student Council and the Ramapo Athletic Academic Leadership Council. Additionally, she has proudly worn the “Green and White” uniform as a competitor on the soccer, basketball and track teams. Most recently, Natalie’s leadership and school spirit were integral to the tremendous success of Pochella, Ramapo’s recent recreation of eARTh Day, which she helped to create, plan and execute.

One of the perks of winning this prestigious award is the privilege of parking in the coveted first visitor spot in front of the school. However, Natalie maintains that the rewards she receives in recognition for her outstanding contributions to Ramapo do not bring her as much satisfaction as the feeling of inclusivity she receives from being a part of the school community. Natalie explained, “Being chosen is the part that matters. I care about the relationships that I make.”

Some examples of the many special relationships that Natalie treasures are the ones that she has enjoyed with her senior year basketball teammates. Reflecting thoughtfully on the importance of the connections she has made with these girls, Natalie noted, “We shared everything and knew everything about one another, had tons of inside jokes and on top of that, no one was ever malicious or mean at all. It was truly the best and I will forever miss it.” It is clear, that our Spotlight winner cherishes these bonds of friendship. Now, as she completes her time in high school, the senior is reaping the benefits of the strong ties that she has sown and nourished.

Obviously, Natalie has been quite successful at Ramapo and she possesses practical wisdom as a result of her experiences. When asked what advice she would give to underclassmen, Natalie happily remarked, “Throughout my four years I have learned to not care as much about what other people thought of me, and that actually relieved a lot of worrying and extra stress in my life.” She also credited being involved with sports as a stress buster, when she thoughtfully reflected, “Going to practice was always so carefree and took my mind off everything that was going on.”

Not only did athletics assist Natalie in navigating the stresses of high school, it also provided her with one of her favorite memories of her years here. The senior reminisced about the experience the girls’ soccer team shared when they beat archrival Northern Highlands 3 to 2 in overtime in the rain. Natalie recounted that, “The game was the most thrilling of my life and just the overall atmosphere of the crowd and my teammates was amazing. I would do anything to go back to that game and cry of happiness one more time with those twenty-one girls.” That is a memory that will be forever etched in the hearts and minds of Natalie and her teammates.

After graduation Natalie will be matriculating at the University of Pittsburgh pursuing a major in Psychology with a minor in Exercise Science. Her ultimate goal is to become a Physical Therapist. Although her patients will be the lucky recipients of the trademark Kologrivov warmth, sense of camaraderie, and enthusiasm, they will also be the fortunate beneficiaries of Natalie’s unique personality and talents. Couple these qualities with the excellent education she, and her siblings, received right here at our beloved Ramapo High School and that’s a prescription for success!

Congratulations to our Senior Spotlight Recipient, Natalie Kologrivov! Enjoy that parking spot. You’ve earned it!

By: Sarah Chagares, Staff Writer

Featured Image: Natalie Kologrivov, Class of 2019 (Photo courtesy of Natalie Kologrivov)

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