Class of 2019’s Salutatorian: Stephanie Goodrich

This year, Stephanie Goodrich was awarded Salutatorian of Ramapo High School as a result of her extensive participation in extracurriculars, impressive academic achievements, and overall positive influence on the Ramapo community. She has spent her time at Ramapo being a part of the School Store Design Team, Ramapo Student Government, DECA, and as co-captain of Academic Decathlon. She became co-captain when she was only a sophomore because of her dedication to the team. This role entails listening to lectures, teaching subjects, running meetings, and motivating teammates; activities in which Stephanie certainly excels. She says that she will miss her conversations with teammates and the “eureka moments that I looked forward to.” In DECA, Stephanie was able to compete with her partner Jamie Murtha at the international level in April this year for the second year which she comments was “really exciting.” These are just a few examples of her involvement in the Ramapo community.

Stephanie says that “any day after school, you’d probably find me running through the halls from club to club.” She has designed countless t-shirts and sweatshirts for the school store and thinks that it is “so cool to see people buying them and wearing them to school or games.” Because of her overwhelming compassion and strong interpersonal skills, Stephanie takes her responsibilities in student government further by being the Board of Education Representative. She attends each BOE meeting and provides the board of education with updates about what’s going on in the school. Stephanie comments, “I think the community at Ramapo is so spirited and vibrant, and I love working with Student Government to plan pep rallies and events, to bring everyone together.” Throughout her high school career, Stephanie has been consistently recognized for her academic achievements including being awarded the George Washington University Book Award last year which recognizes exceptional academic junior high school students.

Everyone who has had the pleasure of knowing Stephanie can see her passion for making the school a better place right away. Corinna Collins, who first met Stephanie in 7th grade and has worked alongside her in student government, praises Stephanie saying that “she is truly one of the most kind, generous, and hardworking people I have ever known. Her dedication, not only to her education, but to our entire school community has been immeasurable, and I cannot think of someone more deserving of this recognition.” Stephanie’s ambition and kindness make her the perfect person to be salutatorian. She reflects on this honor saying that “earning this achievement certainly validated my four years of hard work and sleep deprivation. I’m especially humbled to be recognized among my classmates because so many of them are diligent and brilliant. I’m excited to see where everyone ends up in the next few years.”

Stephanie is attending Williams College in the fall and we have no doubt she will continue to spread her love and passion for making not just the school, but the world a better place. Congratulations Stephanie!

By: Eden Osiason, Assistant Editor

Featured Image: Stephanie Goodrich, Class of 2019 (Photo courtesy of Corinna Collins)

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