Male Senior Spotlight: Andy Rosenthal

If you attend a Ramapo Men’s volleyball game, you won’t be able to miss the enthusiasm and dedication Andy Rosenthal brings on to the court every time. Andy has played volleyball at Ramapo for three years, starting his sophomore year on Junior Varsity and working his way up to Varsity his junior and senior year. This year, Andy is also honored to be a Varsity Captain, alongside fellow seniors Justin Hu and Tommy Pernetti. Andy fills this role with enthusiasm and is a strong leader for the team as the libero. Fellow captain Justin Hu says “Andy is definitely the backbone of our team. Andy’s passing ability make it a lot easier for us front row players to get good hits and I’m definitely thankful that he’s on my side.” He is instrumental in successfully winning many points, and puts forth his best effort every time he goes for the ball, which makes him a force to be reckoned with on the court.

Andy possesses the unique quality of understanding the importance of teamwork, and he has worked hard towards creating a sense of community between all the players, from JV to Varsity. He not only is a strong player himself, but also encourages his fellow teammates throughout games and brings the team together when they need it most. Andy says “We had a lot of new guys coming to play, so it was a rough start to the season, but as the season went on we became a very motivated team and had a teamfirst mentality that led to our upsets versus the #2 and #3 seeds in the County Tournament.”

Andy contributed heavily towards the team’s advancement to County Semifinals last year, and built upon this success by making it to the County Finals this year. Although the team lost this game, they played with intensity and dignity against the number one team in the state; Fair Lawn. It was a huge accomplishment for the team to make it to the Finals, which they earned through a difficult semi-final game against Bergen Catholic. In an exciting fashion, Ramapo Men’s Volleyball took Bergen Catholic to 3 sets and ultimately won 28-26. Andy recounts this as his favorite experience in all his time playing volleyball at Ramapo, because he states that “we played with so much intensity and grit. We wanted that game so bad and to see everyone on the team wanting something so badly and earning it, that was really great to be a part of.” In their last season game against Bergen Catholic at home, Ramapo won in the third set again to finish the season off on a high note. Of course, Andy could be seen diving for balls and making great passes until the very end. Next year, Andy will attend Marist College and intends to continue playing volleyball at the club level. We wish him luck in college and congratulate him on a great final season!

Featured Image: Andy Rosenthal, Class of 2019 (Photo courtesy of Helen Jennings)

By: Helen Jennings, Life Editor

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