Female Senior Spotlight: Paige Stapinski

As senior captain, Paige Stapinski is proud to lead the Ramapo Girls Golf Program. Paige started competing in tournaments her freshman year of high school. Originally, she played for the boys’ golf team at Ramapo, as there was not a team for the girls. However, during her sophomore year, Paige and a few other dedicated girls created the first-ever girls’ golf program at our school. With the help of Coach Gordon and Coach Stephen, the team has been extremely successful.

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 8.13.17 AM.png
Paige, center (Photo courtesy of Paige Stapinski)

Although Paige grew up playing at the golf range with her father, her competitive experience playing at the varsity level has taught her about the value of teamwork and determination. For school, the girls practice and play at Darlington County golf course in Mahwah, New Jersey. Swinging their golf clubs at other gorgeous sceneries, Paige and her team enjoyed playing at Alpine Country Club and New Jersey Country Club. This year, the Varsity Golf Girls had a great season, and won their league of the Big North Tournament!

Mostly, Paige credits her family and coaches for her drive on the range. She says, “I owe my success to my father who taught me how to play the sport. Also, thank you Coach Gordon and Coach Stephen for believing in the program and stepping up to help us create it.” Next year, Paige will attend the University of Florida, and for her own enjoyment, she plans to play and practice at the golf course located right on campus! Go Gators! And, congratulations to the Ramapo Varsity Golf Girls on a successful season!

Featured Image: Paige (far left) (Photo courtesy of Paige Stapinski)

By: Caroline Kinkella, Editor In Chief

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