“It’s Fronk-en-steen!”

On Thursday May 2nd through Saturday May 4th 2019, Gold Masque performed their spring musical Young Frankenstein for all of the Ramapo students and staff, as well as a whole crowd of proud family members and friends.

Young Frankenstein is a musical directed by Mel Brooks, and is based of the cult classic film from 1974, written by Gene Wilder and Brooks, who also directed the film. Even after countless hit movies created by Brooks, he has said in many interviews that Young Frankenstein was his best film. Piggybacking off his success, the musical version of the film was first performed in 2007 and is meant to be a comedic parody of the horror genre. Taking place mostly in Transylvania, the musical follows a young Dr. Frederick Frankenstein on his journey as he tries to escape the legacy of his monster creating grandfather, with the help of companions he meets along the way.

One of the new details Gold Masque brought to the stage during their performance was the inclusion of a backdrop screen with photos/ videos portraying the setting. Personally, I thought this added a high quality aspect to the visual presentation and made it seem more professional, like something done in the hit broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen. Assistant to the Director, Ramapo Senior Allie D’Andrea said that “Even though the display was hard to line up with the actors on stage, I think the whole thing turned out really nice in the end.” A lot of the students at Ramapo made comments saying they enjoyed this display as well. Props to all of those who helped on everything that went into the creation of the musical behind the scenes!

Along with the technical details, the actors gave an amazing performance on stage. The whole musical was well-versed in lots of singing, dancing, and acting from all the performers. Seniors Cristian Puhlovsky, Jamie Manley, Christian Stahl, and Olivia Kozlevcar did a great job performing the leads of Dr. Frederick Frankenstein, The Hermit, Inspector Kemp/Dr. Victor Von Frankenstein, and Elizabeth Benning, respectively. Freshman Taline Banks and Juniors Olivia Fornasieri, Michael Dekens, and Matt Murphy did an amazing job leading the stage during their performances as Frau Blucher, Inga, Igor, and The Monster respectively. Along with those mentioned, all other actors did a really great job capturing the story and bringing it to life on stage! For many, Young Frankenstein was their last Gold Masque performance as a Ramapo High School student. Senior at Ramapo Jamie Manley, who played The Hermit, commented on her experience during this musical saying, “At first when they said the play was Young Frankenstein I was nervous because of the shows more explicit nature, but I think it really performed very well. My character was harder to play because I had to create the illusion of being blind, which meant long hours of research in order to perform the role properly; but I’m so glad I was able to experience that because know now I have a whole new set of skills as an actress.” Manley also talked about her roles in the club; she said “As well as being a part of the cast, I am also Gold Masque President and an active member of the crew which was so great because I was able to experience both sides, on and off stage.”

By: Lizzy Coyne, News Editor

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