Male Senior Spotlight: KC Hunt

For the last four years, the students of Ramapo have had the privilege the magic put on both the hardwood and the field by the super prodigy, KC Hunt. Hunt wasted no time in making an immediate impact on Ramapo athletics, playing both varsity baseball and basketball his freshman year.

Ever since then, Hunt has sealed his name in the Ramapo record books for both sports. For basketball, small forward KC Hunt has scored a grand total of 1,533 points (the 3rd time leading scoring record for both boys and girls) and racked up two First Team All-County Player awards, a First Team All State Group 3 player award, and a 2nd Team All-Country Award (as a sophomore). His baseball records are equally impressive. Over his four years years, Hunt, who plays both shortstop and pitcher, has racked up 100 hits (first time in Ramapo history), and holds the record for most doubles in a season (15), two First Team All-County player awards, and a 3rd Team All-County (as a freshman).

Hunt says that his love for sports came at an early age, explaining that, “I’ve been playing [baseball] since I was around three years old and baseball since I was two.” Throughout the years, Hunt has played for top teams in his respective sports, and it clearly shows.

When asked who he credits his success to, Hunt immediately points to his family, adding, “I’d like to say my father has had a huge impact on my success. In addition to him, both my older brothers, Shooter and TJ, have made a lasting impact on me. Without them pushing me, giving me tips, and supporting me, I would not be where I am today.”

As of this paper, the now-captain of the Ramapo baseball team is leading his team to an eight game winning streak over the top competitors in the county. Not only that, this Ramapo prodigy has decided to continue his career in sports into college, having committed to Mississippi State University with a baseball scholarship.

KC brought a certain wonder whenever he stepped onto the field or court, and it certainly will be missed.

Featured Photo: KC Hunt being interviewed by USA Today (Photo courtesy of

By: Jack Houston, Staff Writer

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