High School Hackers

Earlier in April 2019, two freshmen at Secaucus High School in New Jersey were charged with jamming the school’s Wi-fi in order to to avoid taking their exams. The two boys, both 14 years-old were charged with computer criminal activity and conspiracy to commit computer criminal activity. This charge was only made after the school officials notified police a few days earlier. Because the boys are juveniles, their names will not be released.

Using an unknown computer system or app, the boys were able to completely crash their school’s Wi-fi system on multiple occasions so that they could get out of taking their online based exams. Because most of the school’s curriculum, including their exams and grading system are online, the lack of Wifi connection completely disrupted the rest of the students and their daily routine throughout school. It is also believed that the boys took requests and possibly money from other students at the high school in exchange for the corruption of the school’s internet.

The Superintendent in charge of Secaucus High School, Jennifer Montesano, commented that “[Their] Wi-fi connection was compromised over the past week.” She then goes on to say that “The system has been restored and is now fully operational.” After later investigation, it is believed that the boys used a Wi-Fi interrupter program, or an app, to send so much traffic to the routers that the system would crash, which ultimately caused connection failures when students tried to log on, do class work or take exams on their computers.

Many of the students at Secaucus High School were surprised at the whole event, but mostly because they were shocked that the boys were able to do such powerful hacking at such a young age. Many students at Ramapo felt similarly. Isabella Della Fave, a Senior at Ramapo said that “You really shouldn’t underestimate kids these days with computer skills, there is so much they can do”. With so much access to the different elements of the internet, there is no telling what the future hackers will be able to do.

Featured Photo: Secaucus High School (Photo courtesy of Facebook.com)

By: Lizzy Coyne, News Editor

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