Female Senior Spotlight: Jenna Ribeiro

Senior Jenna Ribeiro is proud to be a member of the Ramapo Girls Softball team (RGSB). As someone bats at the plate, one player’s individual talent contributes to the success for rest of the team, and that is the beautiful balance between teamwork and individuality found in softball, as well as baseball. Showcasing her abilities on the softball field as a second baseman, Jenna is an incredible asset to the team and a versatile player, embracing her different functions as a hitter and field player.

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 11.16.52 AM
Left to right: Jenna Ribeiro and Megan Casesa Photo courtesy of Sophia Katsouris

At just five years old, Ribeiro began playing softball, developing her understanding of teamwork and determination both on and off the field. She started her high school softball career playing on the Junior Varsity team as a freshman, and starting her sophomore year, she has played for Varsity. This year, Jenna Ribeiro and Megan Casesa are the only two seniors on the team.

The softball superstar credits her success to her coaches, Coach Altamuro and Coach Baldino, who have been influential to her growth as a player, as she takes “all of the skills and strategies and apply them to [the] practices and games.” Jenna continues to thank them for her consistent, positive attitude that naturally carries over into her life. Additionally, her family plays a very significant and supportive role, cheering her on and watching her games.

Next year, Jenna will attend the University of Rhode Island, and she plans to major in Elementary Education/Special Education. So far, the Varsity Softball girls are undefeated, “We’re currently 7-0 and have made such an improvement from past years,” says senior softball player Megan Casesa. Good luck to Jenna next year and the Ramapo softball girls this season!

Featured Image: Varsity Softball Player Jenna Ribeiro 19’ (Photo courtesy of Isabel Han)

By: Caroline Kinkella, Editor in Chief

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