April Club Feature: Gold Masque

Gold Masque is one of the oldest and most recognized clubs at Ramapo, yet many do not understand the extent of the work that goes into each production. If you’re a member of the Ramapo Community, chances are that you have probably heard the club mentioned on numerous occasions, and may have even attended many of their professional-grade productions. Many view the club as an organization solely for students who are skilled actors and singers, but this is not the case. Anyone from a student who wants to try their hand at acting for the first time or a student who is interested in costume design can join this welcoming community that fosters drama and the arts. Senior Olivia Kozlevcar adds “I think that a lot of people think that the drama club is solely comprised of ‘theatre kids’. While all of us do enjoy the performances we put on in Gold Masque, every member contributes much more to the club than their talent. There’s a multitude of dimension to each student in the club; for lack of better phrasing, everyone has a life beyond the theatre”. As you’ll find on many sports teams or academic groups, students are never limited to just one interest, and Gold Masque is the same. It consists of a cast and crew, so there are many roles available for students of all talents who want to get involved with theater production, from set design to a leading role.

Executive Board member and Senior Jess Valente says “I’ve been involved with Gold Masque for all four years, having done seven shows in total. Each year and each show called for a different group of people, as the individuals participating varied from show to show. However, no matter who participated, the sense of welcoming and togetherness remained. Everyone is so supportive and caring of one another. Also, this club helped me realize my passion for technical theatre, which I will be studying in college.” Jess will be attending Elon University next year for theater. Another Senior Executive Board member, Jamie Manley, says “I’ve been in the club since the very beginning of my freshman year. After having a hard transition into high school, I got involved in Gold Masque… I was immediately taken in and surrounded with love and positivity, and of course theatre, which I love. Gold Masque is more than a club, it is a family.” Gold Masque is renowned its community, that is close-knit but always welcoming to new members. It is a great space to make friends while also working as a team to put together a transcendent production. Olivia Kozlevcar also says ““In my four years in Gold Masque, I have taken on multiple different positions in both the cast and the crew. Working with the students in this club has been a fantastic experience, and the staff always ensure an amazing experience for all individuals involved. It has been incredibly rewarding to play Elizabeth in my final show at Ramapo, and I hope that audiences enjoy this show!” Olivia Kozlevcar will be attending American University next year for theater as well, and is grateful for the experience that Gold Masque offered her.

Gold Masque’s spring musical is Young Frankenstein and is a comedy and feel-good show. The show will be perform from May 2nd to May 4th, and tickets are available in school for students as well as at the door for anyone else who is interested. Bring your friends and family for a fun night at the theater, and maybe you will be inspired to join Gold Masque next year and contribute to their next production.

Featured Photo: Members during their annual Disney Trip (Photo courtesy of Jamie Manley)

By: Helen Jennings, Life Editor

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