Senior Spotlight: Stephanie Goodrich

Every month, the Ramapo faculty nominates exemplary senior students for the Senior Spotlight award. The special senior wins a designated parking spot in the visitor’s lot near the front entrance. For January’s Senior Spotlight, the Ramapo community selected senior Stephanie Goodrich. Congratulations Steph – you deserve it!

Ramapo senior Stephanie says, “I’m really honored and humbled to be selected by my teachers as January’s Senior Spotlight student.” Last year, Steph received the George Washington University Book Award, recognizing outstanding, academic junior high school students. At Ramapo, Stephanie engages with her high school community, attending daily club meetings after school: DECA, School Store Design Team, Student Government, and Academic Decathlon. When her advisor Ms. Noah recognized her dedication after her freshman year, Stephanie was promoted to the position of co-captain of the Academic Decathlon: a role which includes listening to lectures, teaching subjects, running meetings, and presiding over a diverse team of high school students. Faculty member Ms. Noah comments about Stephanie and her enthusiasm, “Stephanie is also very passionate about helping others, advocating for human & civil rights and having her voice heard in politics. With her leadership skills, level of compassion for others and strong work ethic, I am excited to see what the future holds for her – and for the chance to be able to say ‘I knew her when’”. Furthering her leadership in the building, she is also the the Board of Education Representative as a member of Student Government. Through this role, Stephanie is able to adapt into her conversational, personable, and passionate characteristics, and as she represents the student body, she answers fundamental questions at each Board of Education meeting: What is going on at our school? How can we improve the community? Stephanie adds, “If you have anything you want me to share, just email me! I think the community at Ramapo is so spirited and vibrant, and I love working with Student Government… to bring everyone together.”

When tacking articles on broad issues, I often gravitate towards Stephanie and her Big Voice because she knows exactly what she wants to say and how to say it. Not only is she academic and aware, but even outside of the classroom, Stephanie is admired by her peers because of her genuine compassion. This incredible quality of hers comes to life, especially in her intense fascination with her community, politics, and government. Stephanie contributed much of her junior year interning for U.S. Representative Josh Gottheimer’s District Office, where she answered calls from constituents asking for help. Often, she would receive phone calls from “concerned citizens… reconciling an additional $25 with their Social Security checks, rent, and holiday gifts when Medicare premiums increased last November.” More recently, over the summer, Stephanie and I became involved in the congressional re-election campaign as interns for Josh Gottheimer. We called potential voters and went door-to-door advertising his campaign. Stephanie’s passion was obvious, and it was a special moment for us young interns to help our Congressman win the November 2018 midterm election. Additionally, this year, Stephanie was selected as a Junior Commissioner on the Bergen County Commission on the Status of Women, where she engages with “21 other girls from all over the county who are passionate about feminism and women’s issues.” They have been working on a teen pregnancy prevention PSA, which will be shown in May to students in every public high school in Bergen County.

Due to her experience and involvement, Stephanie gathers that, “Listening to the voices in my community enlightened me to the personal and local aspects of politics, and made me increasingly interested in public policy as a field of study in college.” The high school senior will study political science/ government, economics, and public policy in college. She looks forward to hearing back from universities in the spring. Her plans after college include law school, as she hopes to become a constitutional lawyer and possibly become a judge down the line. She exclaims and then jokes, “I’m a huge fan of SCOTUS Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, not only because she has my dream job, but also because she’s just as short as me.” In the future, Stephanie would like to run for elected office, but understands that her plans may change, or maybe stay the same, after college and beyond. Her words are personal, yet serve meaning for every student in the Ramapo community, as she advises, “Even though it sounds like I know exactly what I want to do, I don’t have everything planned out, and I’m willing to just play everything by year and see where life takes me.” We wish Stephanie the best in all of her endeavors and future plans! Enjoy your parking spot!

By: Caroline Kinkella, Editor-In-Chief

Featured Image: Senior Steph Goodrich smiling at a football game (Photo courtesy of Corinna Collins)

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