Student of the Month: Grace White

This month’s Senior Spotlight was awarded to Grace White. As a successful and involved student at Ramapo, Grace has touched the lives of many in our school community. In the words of Mrs. Dargento, one of our vice-principals, “Grace is a dedicated member of the Class of 2019, as an individual, she is driven in her commitments to serve others and effectively leads by example. Grace is a Senior Ambassador, a member of Amnesty International, a Varsity Cheerleader and working to fulfill the requirements of the Gold Award for Girl Scouts.” In this way, Grace has shown herself to be a vital part of the Ramapo community.

Kaitlyn Kurys, Grace’s friend and fellow senior, spoke about her fondly by saying, “Grace is one of a kind; she is thoughtful, funny, and has an incredible work ethic. These are traits that not everybody possesses, which make her that much more special.” Another student, Julianne Bruggeman, states simply, “I love Grace… [she] is a kind and supportive friend.” Both Kaitlyn and Julianne have known Grace since elementary school, and have watched her grow up into an amazing young woman. This is also the case for has Girl Scouts of Northern NJ Troop #70126 Advisor, Mrs. McCarthy, who says, “I’ve been Grace’s Girl Scout Leader since all the Wyckoff elementary school troops merged in 6th Grade. Grace is smart, funny, kind and committed to always doing her best. Grace is modest and reserved, but will definitely use her voice to fight injustice. She is level-headed and rational and has brought a voice of reason to many troop discussions. She is reliable and can always be counted upon to step up and help. I wish Grace all the best in college and beyond!” It is plain to see that Grace brings support and wisdom to those in her life.

And now, some honorable words from The Woman of the Hour, Grace White herself: “My years at Ramapo have given me more than I could have ever anticipated. I am grateful to have had the chance to learn and grow alongside friends with the support of the Ramapo faculty. I love being part of a school with so much spirit and pride in its student body’s accomplishments. Being recognized for this award is an honor and I am so appreciative of everyone who supported me.” Clearly, Grace is deserving of this award and praise from peers and mentors in the Ramapo Community. Congratulations to her on all of her accomplishments!

By: Danielle Miller ’19, Staff Writer

Featured Photo: Grace, pictured in the middle of the top row, with other seniors on Varsity Cheerleading (Photo courtesy of Corinna Collins)


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