Midterm Results in New Jersey

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 5.23.44 PM.png
A map of New Jersey according to the Democrat and Republican wins (Photo courtesy of The Washington Post).

On Tuesday, November 6th, the midterm elections were held in the United States. For New Jersey, despite the scandal rumors, the Democratic candidate Robert Menendez defeated Republican Bob Hugin in the race for Senate by a 10% margin. This does not come as a shocker though, for New Jersey has not elected a Republican senator in more than 40 years.

People also voted for representatives in the House. In New Jersey, there had previously been seven Democratic and five Republican representatives for the House leading up to the Midterms. However, by the end of them, New Jersey had flipped tremendously, leading to eleven Democratic, and only one Republican House representative. In District 1, Donald Norcross won with 64.3% of the votes with Paul Dilks following with 33.4%. District 2 flipped from being a previously Republican district by electing Democrat Jeff Van Drew as their representative. Van Drew won with a 6.4% majority over his rival. District 3 also changed from being a Republican district to being Democratic in the Midterms. After a very close race, Democrat Andy Kim won the seat by only 3,474 votes (1.1% margin). The only district in New Jersey that voted Republican was District 4, which went for Chris Smith. This district was previously Republican as well, and Smith won the race with 55.5% of the total votes. In District 5, Josh Gottheimer (Democrat) was re-elected by a 12% margin, and in District 6, Frank Pallone (Democrat) won by an overwhelming 26.6% margin against his only contender Richard Pezzullo. Another flip occurred in the previously Republican district of District 7, where Democrat Tom Malinowski won with 51.5% of votes. District 8 and District 9 continued their Democratic streak by electing Albio Sires (won with 77.9% of votes), and Bill Pascrell (won with 70% of votes), respectively. Up next was District 10, where Donald Payne Jr (Democrat) won by a landslide of a 77.1% margin. The last flip was District 11, who elected Mikie Sherrill with a 13.5% margin after being a Republican district in years previous. Lastly, District 12 stayed Democratic by electing Bonnie Watson Coleman, who won with 68.5% of votes. Because of this, New Jersey was a major contributor to the flip in party majority in the House of Representatives. The house which was previously held with a Republican majority now has 232 Democrats and 199 Republican Representatives. The Senate however, drifted further apart now with 47 Democratic Senators and 51 Republican senators (Washington Post). One thing is for certain, the Blue Wave dominated this election, leading Democrats to be hopeful for the 2020 presidential election.

By: Eden Osaison ’20, Assistant Editor

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