The Freshman Perspective

Although the daunting nature of freshmen year is a ubiquitously shared sentiment, sometimes I think that everyone forgets the true immensity of this transition and what it is really like to be entering Ramapo for the first time. Whether you’re a senior preparing to don a cap and gown in just a few months, or a teacher who is gearing up for another year of learning, or even a current freshmen, I think it’s important for us all to have a little insight into the “freshman perspective” and remind ourselves of our own freshmen years. In doing so, we can compare to where we have grown to today, or for other freshman, think about where we want to go in the next four years. For this project, I interviewed three freshmen, asking them anything from what clubs they have joined so far to what their goals are for their four years at Ramapo, and at the end of the year, I will check back in to see what about high school lived up to their expectations and what surprised them. In doing this, I hope to give everyone a chance to remember their own freshman year as they face new life experiences, and also learn a little more about the Class of 2022.


Lily Elkin:

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 7.14.32 PM.png

Pictured: Lily Elkin (Photo courtesy of Helen Jennings)

At the beginning of the interview, Lily explained that she is “from Oakland, so that means most of my friends went to Hills”, which has not been an issue in her high school career thus far. Although only coming in with a few friends from middle school, Lily expressed that within the amount of time school has been in session, she’s already made great new friends and is beyond happy with the entirety of the student body. She told me that the teachers were very understanding and that everyone is accepting, and that part of the reason she came to Ramapo was to be with a new crowd of people. So far, I was happy to hear she plans to write an article for Rampage, join Gold Masque, and become involved with Interact, as well as participate in Winter Track and Golf. For her goals, Lily stated that for this year, she wants to “have good friends, maintain good grades, and become more involved in clubs and community service,” and for the next four years, she just wants to stay focused. And what most surprised her about high school? “That it’s not like High School Musical at all.” On behalf on many Ramapo students, I assuredly responded that many were also disappointed with that.


Angela Delano:

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 7.14.38 PM.png

Pictured: Angela Delano (Photo courtesy of Helen Jennings)

Angela is another freshman from Oakland who didn’t know many people coming into Ramapo, but explained that her transition has been pretty smooth, with the help of teachers who are not too hard and a nice student body. Angela expressed that she “didn’t have the best time in Oakland so it’s a good fresh start”. So far, her fresh start is going well, as Angela has joined Interact and Italian Club, which are clubs she was not involved with in middle school and hopes to further pursue. Playing softball all three years of middle school, Angela plans to play for the Ramapo Girls Softball team this spring. For her freshman year and for all four years of high school, Angela wants to meet a lot of new people and make new friends, as well succeeding academically. Just like many other students at Ramapo, she has discovered and enjoyed the exciting student section at Football games. High school movies may have been due to the reason that when asked what most surprised her about high school, Angela responded that “the food is actually good.”


Deanna Taliercio:

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 7.14.44 PM

Pictured: Deanna Taliercio (Photo courtesy of Helen Jennings)

Deanna is the first freshmen from Wyckoff in this article, so of course there were plenty of familiar Wyckoff faces when she came to Ramapo, but she also explained that she has made many new friends already. When asked what she thought of Ramapo so far, Deanna expressed that she loves it, due to the fact that she didn’t love middle school and high school already offers her more opportunities and cooler classes. Already, she plans on participating in Spring Track and Fencing, as well as joining Photography Club and trying new things in general. Deanna’s goals for freshman year is to get good grades, and as expressed before, try new things, and her “goal for overall is to get into at least one honors class.” With all the clubs and events, it’s easy to forget about schoolwork, so this response was a respectable one. In general, Deanna has loved the football games like Angela, and expressed “I’m not treated like a little kid in school anymore,” and enjoys the new freedom.

By: Helen Jennings ’19, Life Editor

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