Senior Spotlight of the Month: Jess Perini

Last week, senior Jessica Perini was officially named Ramapo High School’s “Student of the Month.” This is a significant accomplishment for Perini, who has been greatly contributing to the Ramapo High School Community over the past few years.

Other than bragging rights, one benefit of this award is the ability to park in a Visitor’s Spot, located just across from the Main Entrance, for the month. While this may not seem like a significant perk to the underclassmen, any Ramapo student who drives to school knows that the trek to the front door can be difficult early in the morning, especially from the lower lot. However, according to Jessica, “more importantly the reward is just the good feeling that many people recognize my kindness and compassion.” This is truly the purpose of the award: to congratulate the actions of a selected Ramapo student.

Mrs. Dargento, one of our Vice-Principals, informed Perini last week that she had been nominated and chosen to receive the award. “I felt very honored and surprised that so many staff at Ramapo noticed me and how much… I try to bring to Ramapo every day. This staff is amazing and they all make me feel important, so I was just really happy they noticed the support and love I try to give back to them,” says Jessica about her reaction to the news.

It is no wonder that the staff noticed Jessica and felt she was deserving of this prestigious award. Mrs. Perry, Supervisor of the Guidance Department, explains, “[she] has gone above and beyond to better our school environment. She is a dedicated member of the Diversity Commission and Mental Health Awareness Club. Her genuine compassion, sense of commitment and kindness readily shared with others is fundamental to who she is as a person. Jess has recognized the support that members of the Ramapo teaching community have provided students and shared her regard publicly at the Board of Education meetings last year. Jess conducts herself selflessly and expects nothing in return. She advocates for what she believes to be right with fairness, empathy and maturity.” These are lovely words that truly display the character of our Student of the Month.

Mrs. Loccke, an English teacher, also had some nice things to say about Jessica. She said, “Jess is one of the most open hearted, thoughtful, and sincere students I have taught. I admire her ability to follow her moral compass and stay true to her convictions.”

Jessica’s good works are not exclusively noticed by Ramapo staff, however. Senior Tara Lamborgese, who works closely with Jessica on both the Diversity Commision and Mental Health Awareness Club, said of her friend, “Jess is a great person to work with… She is extremely compassionate and driven and truly has a passion for helping those around her.” A common word that seems to be used by many to describe Jessica is “compassionate.” This shows that Perini has an impact on all of those around her, and is truly deserving of the “Student of the Month” award.

By: Danielle Miller ’19, Staff Writer

Featured Photo: Ramapo’s Diversity Week Commission, Jessica Perini, pictured center (Photo Courtesy of

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