Raiders on the Rise

Touchdowns, Raiders, Victory- when you see those words, what comes to mind? If it isn’t this already, it should be Ramapo High School’s Football Team. They are on a winning streak, which only continues to skyrocket. The football team definitely wants to keep this going and is pouring all their effort into doing that.

The Raiders have been making history. In a game against Old Tappan, their phenomenal offensive attack and incredible defense made a perfect combination. It was their first win over Old Tappan since 2008. Winning against a team that had been beating them for the last 10 years is quite the accomplishment. More shockingly, they even made a touchdown less than two minutes into the game. The whole let’s-make-history attitude continued later that night. During that same night, Coach Gibbs, head football coach, became the most “winningest” coach with his 145th career win. The astonishing resultsdon’t stop there.

On September 28, Ramapo went face to face with River Dell. After the loss at MetLife, Ramapo was not letting that happen again. The game against River Dell produced an adrenaline rush throughout the bleachers because there was an abundance of action between both teams, but Ramapo was still losing quite a bit- until the fourth quarter. Ramapo came back and tied upt he score 35-35 with again less than two minutes left in the fourth quarter-they knew it was now or never. Going into over time, Wingfield made an impressive 25-yard touchdown pass to Savitt who made the touchdown that would change up the score and change up the views towards Ramapo. Clearly, Ramapo’s football team is one to watch.

With a great season so far, Ramapo keeps on going. The football team truly deserves a round of applause and even more truly deserves a gargantuan crowd to cheer them on at the games. Senior Matt Wingfield says, “Above all, I’m going to miss the brotherhood that Ramapo Football has created. I’ve definitely made friendships that will last a lifetime through this team, and I’m going to miss going to war with these guys every Friday night.” So every Friday night, come out and watch the games because Fridays are for football. Raider football.

By: Patricia Redulla ’19, Distribution Manager

Featured Photo: The Ramapo varsity football team running onto the field before their game against Teaneck (Photo Courtesy of Corinna Collins)

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