Male Senior Spotlight: Chris Heffernan

In 2017, then-junior Christopher Heffernan was named a Breakout Player to Watch in New Jersey. Since then the senior has continued to be a force to be reckoned with on the soccer pitch as a defensive midfield for the Ramapo Boys Soccer Team. Just last year he was an integral part of the team’s County championship and this year, his final year playing for the Raiders, he hopes to help lead the team to another championship season.

Heffernan began playing recreational soccer in kindergarten and it was then that he first fell in love with the sport. As a young athlete Heffernan played other sports in addition to soccer, but he eventually chose to concentrate his considerable athletic talents on the sport of soccer. When asked why soccer became “his” sport, Heffernan explained, “I chose to play soccer because of the competitive environment, and fast paced style of play.” This competitive attitude may also explain why he enjoys playing in either the center defensive midfielder position or the center back position. Heffernan revealed, “In my position I get a taste of both offense and defense, and my position allows me to play very aggressively.”

The senior standout not only brings athletic ability and soccer prowess to the team, he also brings leadership as a captain. When asked about his role on the team Heffernan posited, “I want to be known as a good teammate and a good captain.” Coach Baumgarten, the coach of the boys’ team, has been impressed with Chris for many reasons. When asked about Heffernan’s contribution to the team, Baumgarten offered, “Chris is a very good player, but even a better person who does the right things on and off the field.”

Although soccer is, obviously, very important to him, Heffernan has plenty of interests off the field as well. When he is not playing or training, the soccer star focuses on his schoolwork, especially math, which is his favorite subject. He also enjoys watching “The Office” and “Parks and Rec” on Netflix or playing ping-pong or video games such as FIFA and Grand Theft Auto. Despite juggling such a packed schedule, the senior has also found time to teach himself how to play the ukulele!

Now in his final season as a Raider, Heffernan is gearing up for a tough season against some long-standing rivals such as Old Tappan and Northern Highlands. In addition to the intense competition on the field, the senior is enjoying his remaining time of being a part of the team that he aspired to play for even as a child. After pondering the question of what playing for Ramapo means to him, the athlete remarked, “I wear the Ramapo jersey with a lot of pride because I know how much success the team has had over the last twenty years, and it’s an honor to be a part of that. Every team we play paints a red target on our chest, so we have a tougher schedule than most because everybody wants to beat us. I love that. It makes the game more competitive and enjoyable. I used to watch Ramapo play and I idolized the players, so I hope I’m doing the same for other little kids.”

Chris Heffernan has made, and continues to make, an impressive impact on the Ramapo Boys’ Soccer program. This season he will be a pivotal player who will help to write his class legacy in the Ramapo history books.

By: Sarah Chagares ’22, Staff Writer

Featured Photo: Chris, #22, in mid-air with his eyes on the ball (Photo Courtesy of

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