Hurricane Florence

In September of 2018, Hurricane Florence hit the Carolinas and caused significant damage to the area. The main cause of the catastrophic damage was due to the freshwater flooding. This hurricane included strong winds and rainfall that stretched all over the area. The status of the hurricane kept growing until it reached high measures on every scale. It reached a strong status of a Category 4 Hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Wind Scale. This scale measures the intensity of hurricanes by looking at the winds speed and intensity. At one point, the winds of Hurricane Florence travelled between 130-156 mph. Hurricane Florence also became the wettest tropical cyclone recorded in the Carolinas with torrential downpours of rain.

Due to the increasing wind and rain, Hurricane Florence affected major areas and caused severe damage. The Carolinas’ population was forced to either evacuate the area or take strong precautionary measures to stay safe in their homes. However, no one’s home was truly safe. The resulting amount of damage to people’s homes was devastating. There are currently people travelling to help with the damage through volunteer opportunities and programs, along with other sources of aid. The government is also helping with the damage through online resources that are providing people with new opportunities.

Some of our very own Ramapo students and faculty have seen this kind of hurricane damage firsthand. Last school year, members of the Ramapo High School community visited and assisted with the reparations and the effects of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. Senior Maria Torraca shared her thoughts about the impact of hurricanes to these populated areas, saying, “It takes a tremendous amount of time to completely recover from a hurricane, as we witnessed ourselves after Hurricane Sandy years ago… In times like these, communities need to work together and help build each other back up.” Ramapo has been talking about scheduling another trip this year to the Carolinas to assist with the same type of reparations for Hurricane Florence. Keep your eyes out for this incredible opportunity!

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 7.02.14 PM.png

News depiction of the storm, showing the details of wind patterns (Photo courtesy of CBS)

By: Lizzy Coyne ’19, News Editor

Featured Photo: Aerial view of Hurricane Florence, showing the intensity of the storm (Photo courtesy of Fox News)

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