Hank Green’s Authorial Debut

Creator, businessman, and weekly blogger alongside his successful brother author John Green; Hank Green is the newest author filling bookshelves all across the country. Green’s debut novel, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing, was recently released in bookstores on September 25th, and is taking over the internet with its new view on young millennials living in a digital world.

Hank Green is best known for his large internet personality that is shared mostly with his older brother John Green. They both create weekly vlogs on their YouTube Channel “Vlogbrothers”. They are also responsible for the YouTube Channel “Crash Course” and its many offspring. Their YouTube Career has extend to a business as they are co-founders of VidCon, a YouTube based convention running every year in many parts of the world. Along with these many endeavors, both the Green brothers now have ‘author’ added to their resume.

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing, while written by a Green brother, is very different from any of John Green’s novels. First of all, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing is in the Science Fiction genre, giving it a more dystopian feel in comparison. Another difference between the two is the style of writing. Hank Green writes with a very relaxed and almost cheezy simplicity, while John Green is usually more philosophical and poetic within the pages of his novels. Without spoiling anything about the novel, it has garnered many positive reviews but has also received a bit of backlash. Most of it comes from the disappointment of the cliffhanger ending; but you have to wonder whether this is an error on Green’s part, or a marketing move created to add suspense for himself and his second novel confirmed to be released sometime next year.

Hank Green is currently on a book tour to celebrate and promote his debut all across the United States. The first stop to kickoff the tour was on Sept 25 in New York, NY at The Town Hall with special guest John Green. Fans joined Hank and John Green to talk about his new book, answer audience questions, and perform live music. All tickets included an autographed copy of An Absolutely Remarkable Thing. Present at this tour stop were Ramapo teachers Ms. Milner and Mrs. Winslow. Ms. Milner commented on her experience and said, “It was fun to see Hank on stage. I was impressed by how passionate he was about the topics he spoke about like voter’s rights and the importance of scientific thinking.” She added, “I am so glad we got to see him, and it was especially fun to share in this experience with my friend, and Nerdfighter, Mrs.Winslow. As Hank and John say, ‘Don’t forget to be awesome!’”.

Pictured: Mrs. Winslow (left) and Ms. Milner (right) at Green’s New York book tour stop (Photo Courtesy of Ms. Milner).

By: Lizzy Coyne ’19, Staff Writer

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