Female Senior Spotlight: Riley Hourihan

Senior Riley Hourihan is proud to be the captain of the Ramapo Girls Soccer Team (RGS). She says that she loves “leading and playing because the team dynamic this season is so strong.” Riley is a consistent, athletic, and versatile player on the field who plays wide forward, full back, and center back.

At just five years old, Hourihan began playing soccer for Kinder Kickers. Later in her soccer career, she joined her current club team New Jersey Stallions, where she learned the value of teamwork and determination both on and off the field. She began her high school career playing on the freshman team with her current varsity coach, Sarah Francini. During her sophomore year, Riley moved up to play at the varsity level. MaryClare Langan, a member of RGS, says that, “Riley is a great leader for Ramapo soccer… She maintains a positive attitude, which contributes to our success.”

The soccer superstar credits many people for her abilities on the field, and ultimately, her family plays a very significant role: “My parents have been travelling across the country with me for club soccer events for as long as I can remember. My grandma is arguably my number one fan, tagging along to almost every game.” She also thanks her club soccer coach Shaun Cryer, who is influential towards her improvement as a player and her commitment to play at the collegiate level. Next year, she will continue to play at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Go Diplomats!

Hourihan is confident that her team will play in this year’s State Championship, and she is “very excited to see what is in store for this season!” She continues, “We have a great group of girls with unlimited talent.” The success of Ramapo soccer adds to our school pride, especially when the girls won against Northern Highlands Regional High School, their competitive and ultimate rival. Riley is an incredible asset to the team, and she is also a great friend of mine! The student body and staff at Ramapo are excited to watch the girls’ soccer team this season! Good luck to Riley and the Ramapo soccer girls!

By: Caroline Kinkella ’19, Editor-In-Chief

Featured Photo: Riley, #14, with the ball against Ridgewood rivals (Photo courtesy of northjersey.com)

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