Behind the Scenes: Meet the Rampage Editors!

When I was a rising sophomore, my passion for English had compelled me to write for our school newspaper Rampage under the direction of Mrs. Manzo. I worked my way up from a staff writer, and this year, I am the Editor-in-Chief. I am excited to to contribute quality-editorials and objective pieces that are relevant and interesting to our student body. This lengthy and collaborative process involves promoting, encouraging, editing, and organizing the ideas of talented, young writers at our school, which then follows all the way through to print. I am profoundly grateful to have a great team of advisors and editors this year, as I continue this fulfilling journey at our school.

Senior Nina Sciré, the Creative Director, has an incredibly important role here at Rampage! She is responsible for the aesthetic (the design and layout) of each issue. Nina says, “I am really excited to be working alongside Caroline and the rest of the staff this year.” When she is not working on the newspaper, Nina is probably at dance, which she plans to pursue in college.

Our articles in Rampage are organized or broken down into four, distinct sections: News, Life, Entertainment, Sports. We love our section editors! Senior Lizzy Coyne, the News Editor, discovered an interest in writing about current events through her dedication to Rampage. Helen Jennings is our Life Editor (and also my long-time neighbor). Aside from writing for the newspaper, she enjoys music, travelling, and skiing. The Entertainment Editor Justin Landsman participated in an “intensive oneweek film course at New York University, which [has] solidified [his] love for Film.” Senior Gretchen Buchmann is excited to be the Sports Editor! Additionally, our Assistant Editor, Eden Osiason, shadows and assists the Editor-in-Chief and the Section Editors to better-understand each role. In her free time, Eden loves writing, reading, listening to music, and playing the guitar.

This year, Rampage decided to add several, new responsibilities in order to improve certain aspects of the paper. Senior Patricia Redulla, the Distribution Manager, will display and deliver the newspaper to the students and faculty, but also, our middle schools and local businesses! Our goal is to spread information, which is not limited to the student body and staff at Ramapo High School. Additionally, Amelia Amen’s passion for photography ensured her position as our Photo Editor. Our team is clearly a diverse, well-rounded group of students who have strong interests and passions aside from our contribution to Rampage. Each role (including staff writers) in the newspaper is extremely important to the process and final product of our paper. More importantly, we look forward to this year’s Rampage being a part of Something Bigger, so please come to our meeting on November 6th in the publications room across from ITC with ideas!

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 7.35.44 PM.png

Pictured: Nina Sciré (left) and Caroline Kinkella (right)

By: Caroline Kinkella ’19, Editor-In-Chief

Featured Photo: 2018-2019 Rampage Staff

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