Senior Spotlight – Elena Montgomery

As Ramapo’s fall sport season slowly comes to a close, we recognize great sports leaders and players, like Elena Montgomery. As a volleyball co-captain and winner of many remarkable sports awards, she has most impressively committed to Princeton University.

Elena’s first volleyball season started when she was only in 7th grade, when she started club volleyball. Though she played soccer for her school and another club at that time, she continued to pursue volleyball into her high school career. Elena’s parents inspired her to work hard, because; “I can see how their dedication has allowed them to accomplish so much.”

Since February of 2017, she’s been talking with coaches from different colleges long before her college search began, and eventually decided that she liked Princeton out of all the schools she was talking to. When the coach called her and offered a spot on the team, she accepted. “I’m looking forward to meeting new people and playing volleyball at a higher level,” she says. With over 700 kills and counting, Elena is clearly a vital member of the team.

But Elena is not only an athlete, she is a great student as well. She takes rigorous courses like AP English, and excels in that as well. Her spot at Princeton was well-earned, and she fought hard to get her spot. Along with co-captains Gretchen Kincade and Caroline Smolenski, the team has done amazing this season so far. The team has won nine games and lost only one so far this season. If the team keeps playing like they are, they could make it to states again!

Last November, Elena won the New Jersey Sports Athlete of the Week, and was interviewed about the team’s standings. At the time, Ramapo had just played Riverdell in one of the most intense state final volleyball matches ever. Ramapo had won the first set, Riverdell the second, and the third match came down to the last few points, where Elena made the block for the final point. It was an exhilarating moment, and what added to that was the fact that Riverdell had been a two-time champion, when Ramapo finally bested them.

Elena also won Gatorade Athlete of the Year in girl’s New Jersey volleyball for 2017. Gatorade “recognizes the nation’s most outstanding high school student-athletes for their athletic excellence, academic achievement and exemplary character” (Gatorade).

Elena knows the volleyball team will continue to grow and flourish when she’s gone, and we all wish her good luck at Princeton University next year!

By: Alyssa Manfredi ’18, Editor in Chief

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