Is the New iPhone 8 worth the Hype?

Every fall season Apple releases a new iPhone and this year the iPhone 8 has captured the attention of people from across the globe. Everyone wants to know: is it worth the update? The phone is completely glass from front to back and is available in space gray, silver or rose gold finish. Other unique qualities include 3D touch, A11 fusion, wireless charging and fast charging.

According to Apple, the iPhone 8 can last 12 hours on the internet while the iPhone 7 can last 13 hours on the internet both on LTE. The A11 feature improves operational efficiency which is only A10 for the iPhone 7. Also, the new phone includes a higher resolution 12MP camera compared to the iPhone 7. This allows those with a love of photography to capture more clear and satisfying pictures. The iPhone 7 is about an ounce less in weight compared to the iPhone 8. It seems that there’s not much of a difference between the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 models despite the camera and physical appearance. The new iPhone works better but the difference between the 7 and 8 isn’t drastic enough. So, is it really worth it for Ramapo students and teachers to update?

Ramapo student, Brooke Bertolino, loves her new iPhone 8. She explains, “My new phone is a lot faster and my pictures come out with better resolution than my previous one. It was definitely worth the update.” Brooke clearly values her new phone and prefers it over Apple’s previous models. According to Apple, the new iPhone X is being released some time during mid November, so buyers will have the choice between updating to the 8 or X. Until then, you can check out the new iPhone 8 at your local Apple store or phone carrier service. Depending on your obsession with new iPhones and the time for that you’ve had your current phone, the IPhone 8 works profoundly and will definitely satisfy anyone that uses it. The choice of update is dependent upon the buyer, so ask yourself whether it’s worth the $700 or not.

By: Mariam Tinawi ’19

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