In the Wake of Devastating Disasters, Ramapo Gives Back

As students, it’s easy to get caught up in the wave of homework and extracurriculars that accompanies the beginning of the school year. The months of September, October, and November are stacked with never ending responsibilities, and we can forget about the world around us. However, in these past few weeks, Ramapo has looked outside of itself and helped those in need.

Recently, the amount of natural disasters occurring around the globe has increased to more than usual. The time period of June 1st to November 30th is labeled Atlantic Hurricane Season, and 2017 has certainly helped it live up to its name. Hurricane Harvey, which pounded Houston, Texas in August, was only the beginning. Since then, Mother Nature has wreaked havoc on humanity through Hurricanes Irma and Maria, killing at least 140 people.

Additionally, there was a devastating 8.1 magnitude earthquake that killed dozens in Mexico this September. About 50 million people felt this quake, the worst the country has seen in a century. Even more recently, the California wildfires have displaced thousands; the death toll has increased to over 40. According to The Wall Street Journal, this surpasses “the death toll from the deadliest wildfire in the state’s recorded history, which dates back to at least 1923”. One can only hope that it does not rise.

With all of this destruction and shock, the students and faculty of Ramapo felt the need to give back. This month, the Student Council, Interact, and SADD held a fundraiser for the Ponderosa Elementary School families in Houston, Texas. This would benefit victims of the multiple hurricanes that affected the area. “So many of our students are without homes or living in their homes without walls,” explained their guidance counselor, “Our school’s biggest need is in feeding their families.” They are forced to eat out multiple times per week, and this is becoming extremely costly. Therefore, homerooms were encouraged to donate gift cards to chain restaurants along with monetary gifts. According to Mrs. Ferro, Ramapo’s library Media Specialist, “all three groups together collected $3000 and are sending gift cards to the Ponderosa School so they can distribute them to their families.” Together, Ramapo High School has achieved an amazing feat that will be greatly appreciated by the Ponderosa families.

By: Danielle Miller ’19

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