What Your Halloween Costume Says About Your Psyche

Halloween is right around the corner, and right now, everyone is asking themselves, “what will I go as this year?” There are millions of costumes to choose from: one of the classics, a pop culture reference, a favorite character, or even a group costume; the list goes on and on. But for the past few years psychologists have been studying why people choose the costumes they do on Halloween.

Psychologists have concluded that Halloween costume choices are often a result of past experiences, societal pressures, and personality. 1. Sally Foster, a psychology professor at the University of Miracosta, put it, “(Your costume) may tell people more about you than you realize.” To find out what your costume says about you and what costume you should choose based on your own psyche, take the quiz below!



An Innocent Costume:

Psychologists believe that dressing up in an innocent costume shows a person’s fun loving spirit, want to include others, and want to return to a safer time. Suggested costumes: a Disney princess or prince, an angel, or a character from a fairytale.


A Classic Costume:

Classic costumes are typically worn by a person who is the “planner” of the group. People who go with the classics usually do so because they are more focused on the experiences they will be having on Halloween. Psychologists have concluded that they are generally responsible, cultured, and intelligent.

Suggested Costume: Scrubs (doctor), vampire, or an animal (cat, deer, etc.)


A Favorite Character:

This costume is typically worn by people of strong mental and emotional stability. They tend to be the most comfortable with themselves and their surroundings and want to express their true self. They are passionate about their interests whether that be in music, TV shows, movies, or books.

Suggested costumes: It’s up to you! Choose someone from a favorite movie, tv show, book, etc.


A Group Costume:

Group costumes tend to be chosen by those who work well with others, try to bring up the people around them, are strong caretakers, and can be emotionally vulnerable.  

Suggested costume: Lifeguards, snap crackle and pop, or the spice girls (or similar group).


A Scary Costume:

Psychologists have concluded that because humans have been innately terrified of anything that may be dangerous to them, it also intrigues us. Therefore those who wear scary costumes tend to be curious, intelligent, and extroverted.

Suggested costume: Skull makeup, a vampire, or a villain (joker, Freddie Kruger, etc.)


A Pop Culture Reference:

Pop Culture costumes are typically worn, psychologists presume, by individuals who are up to date with current events or celebrity gossip, as well as in their personal life. This person is usually good at giving advice, constantly busy, and considers themselves very knowledgeable.

Suggested Costume: Penny Wise, Beyoncé, or Jay Z.


By: Gabby Pisacane, ’18



Foster, Sally, and John Suler. “The Psychology Behind Your Halloween Costume Choices.” WCPO Scripts Media, 24 Oct. 2011


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