This Halloween’s “It” Movie

Every Halloween, a myriad of your average witches, ghosts, and ghouls roam the streets and star on screens, but 2017 is seeing a shift in attention towards a more funny character: the clown. At the forefront of this national trend is the highly anticipated and peculiarly terrifying horror film, It, by Stephen King, featuring Pennywise the Dancing Clown, portrayed by Bill Skarsgård. For experts on scary movies or even a wimp like myself, the film is somewhat disappointing in terms of the omnipotent fear factor horror movies are so successful in providing. Although the ultimate terror may not be in the form of five second jump scares, it can still be identified in the disturbing effect Pennywise has on your mind, and the film’s ability to deal and discuss fear as an all-encompassing theme. Director Andrés Muschietti also trades the classic components of a truly terrifying horror film for substitutes of comedy and at times, romance. As the audience follows the members of the Losers Club, a group of young boys and one girl, and their struggle to overcome the thing that terrifies them most, the viewer is forced to recall their own greatest fears, arguably presenting the greatest fear factor of them all. Throughout the movie, you will become entangled in the loveable personalities of the Losers Club and cheer them on throughout the movie as they attempt to silence It for good.

It redefines the horror movie genre and gives audiences a movie that viewers of various tastes will enjoy. Elizabeth Otero, a junior at Ramapo High School, states “It may have been lacking as a scary movie, but I still loved to see the special effects and was entertained by the plot. It was a great experience to witness this legendary book come to the big screen for a second time”. If you want to indulge in the clown trend, while enjoying a well made production, then strongly consider seeing It this Halloween season. Although straying from the average horror film plot, It is a plausible scary movie for those on all ends of the fright tolerance spectrum and will never fail to entertain the viewer. The only downside? You may have to stay away from gutters and red balloons for a while.

By: Helen Jennings ’19


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